vrijdag 27 november 2015

Six UN Resolutions Just Passed Against Israel

The Whole World Is Gathered Against Israel!

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Iran Prepare Siege Of Temple Mount, Jerusalem


donderdag 26 november 2015


World War 3 seen by Jewish teen Turkey proves his vision

15 year Old Natan - Testimony About The End of Days Coming Soon

He's Coming Back Soon!
To Rule This Rotten Evil World; To Make it Good Again!
Yeshua (Jesus, Immanuel) HaMaShiach, Melech Yisrael.
He's the Alev 
א and the Tav ת.
He Will Reign Over This Earth From Jerusalem (Temple Mount).
Are You His?

The Aleph and Tav תא within the Torah

dinsdag 24 november 2015

Stabbing Attack by islam brainwashed 14 & 16 yrs old muslim pally girls

On Monday morning two female Arab terrorists aged 14 and 16 conducted a stabbing attack on Yafo Street adjacent to Jerusalem's iconic outdoor Mahane Yehuda market, a centrally located site that attracts hundreds of Israelis and tourists alike.

The terrorists left two civilians wounded before being neutralized by gunfire from security forces, with the fire killing one of them - ironically the victim they chose in their stabbing was a 70-year-old Arab resident of Bethlehem, who they apparently mistook for a Jew.

They looked like any other Arab schoolgirls, and clearly didn't attract the suspicion of any passersby. But the two girls in the video above - caught on CCTV cameras in central Jerusalem - went on just moments later to carry out a stabbing attack next to the Mahane Yehuda Market.

The girls stabbed a 70-year-old man - a Palestinian Arab from Bethlehem they apparently mistook for a Jew - before being shot by security guards. Another man was accidentally shot in the hand as he attempted to intervene to stop the terrorists at the same time as the guards.

Previous footage showed the vicious attack itself, but in a sense the latest footage is perhaps more disturbing than the explicit violence of the first. In it, the two girls can be seen walking around, talking animatedly, and repeatedly reaching for something in their pockets or sleeves.

After walking around, waiting to select a victim at the perfect time, the pair can be seen making their way to Mahane Yehuda, where they would carry out their attack.

What can't be seen are their murder weapons: two pairs of scissors, which they used to stab their victim repeatedly in the head and upper body.

They were quickly dispatched by alert security guards, who killed one of the terrorists and left the other seriously injured.


A grieving father has a message for the Islamic Palestinian terrorists

Hundreds of people showed up on Tuesday for the funeral of IDF Corporal Ziv Mizrahi of Givat Ze'ev, who was murdered in a stabbing attack the day before at a gas station on Highway 443 northwest of Jerusalem.

Mizrahi's father, Doron Mizrahi, whose brother was murdered 13 years ago in a terror attack in Jerusalem, eulogized his son.

"They will not destroy our spirit, we will cry and we will mourn. Next Wednesday I will return to work," said the bereaved father.

"May the names of the haters of Israel be erased, the nation of Israel lives, it won't help them, they won't destroy our spirit. Thirteen years ago I lost my brother and thought that I had paid the price with that. Ziv saved his officer, he shot the terrorists with a knife in his heart - that's Ziv, a hero of Israel."

In the attack, a 16-year-old terrorist - who is the cousin of a terrorist who carried out a knife attack at the same gas station last August - sneaked up on Mizrahi and stabbed him, and alsowounded a 22-year-old woman. A 50-year-old woman was wounded from a stray bullet from security forces who stopped the attack.


Stabbing victim Ziv Mizrahi's cousin also victim of terror

Ziv Mizrahi (Courtesy of the family)

Ambassador Danon's Full UN Speech on Islamic Pally Terror

zondag 22 november 2015