donderdag 19 mei 2016

Amsterdam to move forward on Holocaust names memorial

After two years of playing hot potato over a final location, Amsterdam city officials have announced the site for an unprecedented national Holocaust memorial.

Set to include the names of 102,000 Dutch Holocaust victims, the memorial will be built along the city’s Weeperstraat Boulevard, between the world-renowned Hermitage Museum and nearby plush botanical gardens. Across town from the Anne Frank House, Weeperstraat runs through the vanished Jodenbuurt neighbourhood, the pre-Holocaust home of most of the city’s Jews.

The location was announced during a gathering of municipal officials on Friday, according to Dutch Auschwitz Committee member Naomi Koster, who has advocated for the memorial’s construction since 2007. On Friday, Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan promised the memorial committee that ground would be broken on the project within one year, Koster told The Times of Israel.

Times of Israel

Dutch Holocaust Memorial of Names

Holocaust Namenmonument langs Weesperstraat Amsterdam