woensdag 17 september 2014


One week after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered its removal, workers have dismantled the wooden bridge leading to the Temple Mount Mugrabi Gate. The bridge, whose construction began just three weeks prior to the order , was intended to replace the current wooden bridge, which has been in use since 2007.

The current bridge replaced an earthen ramp which was damaged in a 2004 earthquake. The current bridge was built as a temporary replacement until a proper bridge could be constructed. On previous occasions Israel has begun the building of a permanent bridge only to stop when met with Arab opposition to the move.

Netanyahu's recent stop order came upon the heels of the strong objection of King Abdullah of Jordan. The Prime Minister's Office explained the resultant construction freeze as a gesture to help strengthen Abdullah in light of growing anti-Israel and Islamic sentiment in Jordan. The presence of Israel as Jordan's western neighbor is considered a strong deterrent to Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS terrorists who seek to overthrow king Abdullah.

The current temporary wooden bridge, which is now not going to be replaced, is the only entry to the Temple Mount open to non-Muslims under current arrangements. It was condemned as unsafe two years ago by Jerusalem city engineers.

Photo shows the current bridge in the foreground. The aborted replacement bridge can be seen behind the current bridge. Below the bridge are Jewish worshipers in the Western Wall Plaza.

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