donderdag 9 juli 2015

Free Gaza ?!

We often hear people say that they want to "free Gaza", but we are wondering if they ever took the time to educate themselves about the facts.

Are they aware, for example, that they are supporting a Taliban-style Islamic entity that denies basic human rights to its citizens? Are they aware that the Palestinian Territories ranked as the 26th country in the world where Christians face the most persecution?

Are they aware that Hamas campaigned for polygamy and Sharia Law? Are they aware that even female TV Presenters are receiving death threats for not wearing a head covering? Or are they aware that female university students, including Christians, are forced by law to wear a veil?

We do not understand the logic of the world condemning Taliban for imposing these laws, but turning a blind eye to the same practices carried out within the Palestinian Territories.

Where is the outcry for the gross human rights violations? Why the double standards? Instead of international pressure for their undemocratic ways, we see the world encouraging them by portraying them as victims and sending them more money. But, if someone takes the time to look at the facts, he will see that this money is used to fund a new Taliban.

Father Gabriel Naddaf