donderdag 19 juni 2014

Twin tornado's Nebraska; America's demising support for Israel

In 2011 the Lord gave me a prophetic word of knowledge, about the judgement of God on America. The Lord said to me in my spirit to watch Nebraska, a state in the middle (heartland) of the USA. This judgement has all to do with America's demising support for Israel. It is very strange that the US government does not see, that every time they lack support for Israel, natural disasters strike America. So for a few years I watch Nebraska now! Israel is the heart of God, and the heartland (middle/centre) of the earth, so it is not strange the middle/centre of America is going to be hit. It is remarkable, that when the United States approved the Palestinian unity (twin) government between Hamas and Fatah, as a further chance for 'peace' talks, later on was hit with a massive twin tornado (which is rather rare). I can certainly prophesy to you, on the basis of the word of God (the Bible), that every time the US government will fail to support Israel in a proper way, God's judgement will soon follow and fall on the US with speed, most of the times with extreme weather and natural causes. Sometimes this is the way God speaks to mankind, to make things clear! Pray for the United States of America that they will continue to bless and support Israel in every possible way necessary, and for repentance and turning back to God the Father and Jesus Christ our saviour!

Nebraska ! Something bad gonna happen?

Judgement on America (Nebraska)