woensdag 27 augustus 2014

Rockets Strike Ashkelon House, 50 Hospitalized

A Hamas rocket scored a direct hit on a home in Ashkelon at about 6:30 Tuesday morning, causing light injuries to six members of the family that lives in it and to dozens of residents of nearby buildings. 

One of them, an eight year old boy, was reportedly injured in the face by broken glass. The rocket also caused a great amount of damage to the home and caused a water pipe to burst outside the home.

The rocket reportedly slammed into the master bedroom of the home just seconds after the parents left it, to wake up their children and lead them to the safe space.

Ashkelon resident John Daly recorded the moment of impact and uploaded the video to Facebook. "Two blocks over and a direct hit," he wrote. "Alarm goes off and my cat knew we were headed to film so she went to the window with me. You can hear the sound of glass shattering up and down the street from the shockwave. The 'shaking' of the camera is from the explosive force, look at the tree - it is shaking as well."

While national news outlets initially put the number of people hurt at six, Ashkelonet, a local news outlet, was among the first to report that 50 people were brought to Barzilai Hospital following the rocket attack. Of these, it said, 21 suffered light physical injuries and 29 suffered from emotional shock. This number was later corroborated by other outlets. Most of the injuries are apparently from broken glass, as the result of windows that shattered.


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