dinsdag 2 februari 2016

Virtual tour of Sobibor extermination camp

Visitors may Vught with special glasses henceforth also take a look at the 1500 kilometers away former Nazi death camp Sobibor.

Minister Martin van Rijn (VWS) announced Saturday the use of 3D glasses via the computer gives an idea how the Sobibor extermination camp in Poland located there in 1943 just about looked like. Visitors may Vught camp from Tuesday pay a virtual visit to Sobibor.

In Sobibor extermination camp, an estimated 34 000 from the Netherlands Jews murdered in the gas chambers. Because Nazis tried to erase all traces of the camp is not certain how it has looked exactly. When the computer rebuild of the former camp grounds are discussed including Sobibor Foundation, the Jewish Historical Museum, Auschwitz Committee, Holocaust survivor Jules Schelvis and Ivar Schute, archaeologist at Sobibor.


Virtueel bezoek aan vernietigingskamp Sobibor