woensdag 23 maart 2011

Stupidity Prize/Award for BBC World News

Our Stupidity Price today is going to BBC-World News! When they covered their biased anti-Israël news about Israël's retaliation on the Gaza-strip with air strikes after this weekend Hamas and other palestinian terrorist factions fired a barrage of more then 50 mortars on the southern part of the souvereign State of Israël, the BBC-World news-commentator asked the reporter: "Is it really true that Hamas fired those rockets on Israël? Did Israël really received this shelling?" The stupidity of these questions is embarrassing! Just like Israël is going in with F-16's and bomb Gaza just for fun!? Maybe they bombed the islamic terrorists in Gaza because they were playing wih fire-crackers at Israël's border? A more advanced grad-missile did strike in in the city of Ashkelon a few days back, not injuring anybody fortunatly.

This makes us so mad! BBC-World News shame on you!