donderdag 24 oktober 2013

14 thousand weapons caught at Ashdod port

Over 14 thousand cold weapons and other forbidden for import items were caught in a container that arrived at Ashdod port. Attempting to import the container was a 27 year old Palestinian from Hebron.

Thousands of cold weapons caught at the port: Ashdod port workers and customs men were astounded last night (Wednesday) after uncovering over 14 thousand weapons prohibited for import.

The tax authority at the port marked the container as suspicions, and after putting it through the scanner – decided to open it. Once the container was open, a massive amount of dangerous weapons that were hidden between clothes that were in the container were discovered.

Among others, hidden in the container were 4000 flashlight-shaped electric shockers, around 1000 Iron batons, 3200 pepper sprays, 2000 slingshots, 4000 laser pointers that are forbidden for import in the Palestinian Authority and 3500 fake “Casio” watches.

Trying to import the container was a 27 year old Palestinian Hebron resident, who is known to the police for smuggling offences committed in the past. The worth of the smuggled goods is estimated at half a million shekels. The Tax Authority has begun looking into the incident.

Source: jerusalemonline