zondag 29 december 2013

Israel Set to Release Convicted Palestinian Terrorists

Who Stabbed, Shot, and Strangled their Victims — Including the Elderly

Israel is set to free a third set of Palestinian prisoners as part of an agreement Secretary of State John Kerry brokered earlier this year to restart long dormant peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

To prepare for Monday’s release, the Prisons Authority has published a list of those who are going to be released and the crimes for which they were convicted.

Families of those killed by the convicted terrorists are blasting the government for agreeing to release the 26 before they have completed their sentences.

According to the Times of Israel, all of the prisoners besides three “were convicted of murdering Israeli civilians, soldiers or Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel.”

A Jerusalem Post reporter wrote that at a Saturday night rally in Jerusalem, they held up photos of those killed and signs that read, “You should be embarrassed. Only in Israel are killers freed.”

Source: theblaze

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