zondag 29 december 2013

Shimon Peres: I will devote rest of term to Pollard's release

President Shimon Peres has decided to dedicate the remaining few months of presidency to one goal: The release of the Israeli-American spy Jonathan Pollard.

Peres, who is expected to leave the presidential office this coming July, committed Thursday to increase the pressure on US President Barak Obama, in order to convince him to release the spy who has been imprisoned for close to 29 years.

In closed conversations Peres said that just as in Israel it is customary to commute sentences, it is not unreasonable that Pollard, even if he committed a serious offense, should be granted clemency.

The president also responded to a request from the Knesset, agreeing to relay to Obama a letter signed by 106 MKs – with the request to free Pollard.

Source: YNews

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