vrijdag 7 februari 2014

15.000 attend pro-Israel rally in Paris, France

Sunday saw some good news coming from Paris, amid rising tides of anti-Semitism in France: Some 15,000 people, including mayors, Jewish community leaders across the country and government officials, such as the former interior minister, arrived at a Zionist support rally held in Paris.

The event, titled "Israel Today and Tomorrow," organized by the Jewish National Fund, presented before thousands of French Jews "the beautiful State of Israel," an exhibition on the country's real estate possibilities and agricultural, military, ecologic, and research developments.

The event proceeded with almost no disruptions, aside from an isolated incident where young locals attacked a citizen who came to the front of the Brongniart Palace -- where the conference was held -- and raised his hand in salute, and another minor incident on the subway.

French MP Meyer Habib, who spoke at the rally, stressed that "the insurance of the Jewish people is the State of Israel. Only a week ago, Israel-haters were calling for 'Jews [to] get out,' and now we are at an empowering and strengthening ceremony. Leading up to the ceremony, and in general, my family and I have been threatened and attacked but this does not prevent me from raising suggestions against the anti-Semites and for protecting the Jews of France."

JNF Chairman Efi Stenzler -- who opened the ceremony with greetings alongside Co-chairman Eli Aflalo, Tourism Minister Uzi Landau, Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir and Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon -- said that "whoever wants to see the true face of Israel, is welcome to see facts. Whoever wants to boycott, will stay outside to shout slogans. The protests and threats won't deter us. The opposite, they only prove the justness and truth of our ways."

Source: israelhayom

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