woensdag 6 februari 2013

My Letter To: Danny Ayalon

Dear Danny Ayalon,

I was very disturbed by this article:
Israel seems to have sold Jerusalem to the Vatican

You must first know this:

1. I am a Messianic Believer
2. I am a Zionist (Biblical)
3. I love Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish people
4. I reject Roman Catholicism, and the Pope, Vatican

Israel must NOT give the Catholic Church more of its G_ds given heritage, places, or land. This is a big mistake. And we as Christian Zionists, Pro-Israel lovers and Israel-defenders are AGAINST this agreement.

When I visited Israel in March 2010 I was very amazed (in a negative way) how many places/land of Eretz Israel belong and is bought by the RCC and the Vatican. This is not right! These belong to YOU, the Jewish people! So please, abolish this agreement immediatly with the Vatican, and this stewardship over the Upperroom in Jerusalem.

The Catholic Church has nothing to do with real Christianity [Messianic Believe]; which has its whole roots into the Jewish Faith.

With kind regards and peaceful, blessed Shalom,


Write Danny Ayalon!

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