woensdag 13 maart 2013

Peres: Now is the time to realize 2-state solution

ALERT! We are against this Two-State Disaster! Blind Socialists [like Peres] would even give the whole of Gods Land, Israel, to the Devil in exchange for [a false] 'Peace'!

President Shimon Peres addressed the European Parliament in Strasburg on Tuesday and called for a resumption of negotiations with the Palestinians as part of a two-state solution.

He then discussed the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians and said that he believes that peace can be achieved soon.

"The peace process with the Palestinians already has an agreed beginning and an agreed solution. Two states for two nations. An Arab state – Palestine. A Jewish state – Israel – living in peace, security and economic cooperation. Peace for Israel is not just a strategic choice. It is a moral call which stems from the depth of our heritage."

Peres further added, "Now it is time to continue. To renew the peace process. We must continue to work with the Palestinian Authority. Support its economy. Achieve peace.

"In a short while, a new Israeli government will be formed. It is an occasion to resume peace negotiations. To realize the two-state solution. There is no other solution."

Source: YnetNews

ALARM! Prophetic Scriptures learn us that Israel will sign a false peace treaty, that they afterwards will regret. Also they will trust a false Moshiach figure, instead of Yeshua Hamashiach. This will happen through blinded Israeli leaders like Peres, who believe in utopias. We like to warn Israel and the Jewish people, not to make this temporary 'peace', but Yeshua said: "First these things MUST happen, before I return."