dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Turkish Muslim Speaks Out in Favor of Zionism

Sinem Tezyapar

“The Zionist conception of the devout Jewish people, who wish to live in peace and security in Israel alongside Muslims, seeking peace and wishing to worship in the lands of their forefathers and engaging in business is perfectly normal from an Islamic perspective.”

Sinem Tezyapar, a Turkish religious and political commentator, speaks out on her perspective of Zionism as a Muslim. In this op-ed, she explains her understanding of Zionism, and speaks against Antisemitism in her country.

What Do I Think About Zionism As A Turkish Muslim?

Our Comment: This is a very brave woman, but allthough these verses are in the Quran, this book is in contradictory with itself, and many more verses are against Jews and Christians!