woensdag 21 oktober 2015

About The Palestinian Lie Of ‘Occupation’

I'd just like to go into the lying spirit from Islam and the Muslim faith altogether. The False Prophet Muhammad then (and now) ordered for a Muslim to lie as a privilege and an assignment for Allah and Islam to gain an advantage.

We see this very strongly with the Palestinian Authority and Abu Mazen (which is also called Abbas). Why is this lying spirit from the PA (Fatah) so strong? And why these lies mind affects so many people around the world? That's because God's country (Israel) and God's people (the Jewish people) is at stake! In Psalm 83:4,5 we read already described the motivation of this lying spirit: "They (the Palestinians / Muslims) crafty counsel against thy people (the Jews) and consulted against thy hidden ones. Come, they say, and let us cut them off from being a nation and the name of Israel be remembered no more." So it is not about the fact that the Palestinians /Muslim Arabs want a Palestinian state, no, it comes to them to annihilate the Jewish people then turn the whole country into an Islamic State, Palestine!

Whatelse you see and hear a lot from the lying spirit of the PA, but also from the Arab-Muslim population in and around Israel, is that they (mendacious) believe that the land of Israel is from them! These motivation of the Islamic lying spirit is also written in the Bible (God's Word) in Ezekiel 36:4,5 describes: "Because the enemy (the Palestinians /Muslim Arabs) about you (the Jewish people, the Israelis) said: Haha! The everlasting heights have become our inheritance!" Here we see what they say: It is our land, it is our possession, the Israelis, the Jews "occupy" our country. This is the biggest lie out there from the Palestinian Authority, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and goes out from the Islamic Arab world! First, we read in Ezekiel 36:5 that God has determined this area to his own country! "Until very Edom (Muslim Arabs surrounding Israel) who themselves have given My land to possess it with the joy of all their heart, with gloating, so its feedlot would be to spoil."

His (God's) country, He (with an eternal promise) promised His Land to the Jewish people, to manage that and rule over! This area, both the "West Bank" (which is original and Biblical Judea and Samaria) and also the Gaza Strip, is the land of God, the God of Israel. This area belongs not to ‘allah’ nor to Islam, and therefore not to the Palestinians and the Arabs; period! This is not to discuss about nor to negotiate over! Moreover, the Jews / Israelis has a 3000-year history in this country of Israel, and the archeology proves that the full 100%.

Also, historically and under international law and laws of war it is not to prove that Israel currently occupies any Palestinian land! When between 1948 and 1967 Egypt actually occupied the Gaza Strip, and Jordan the "West Bank", there was no cock that crowed that they were Arab invaders! There was no man in this world or any "Palestinian" who then demanded a state of their own, or shouted that Egypt and Jordan were occupiers of Palestinian land. The Islamic Egyptian Yasser Arafat, who founded the PLO in 1964, only started to shout after 1967 and to propagate falsehood that Israel ‘occupied’ Palestinian land! He did this after Israel won the defensive war (the Six Day War of 1967) and victory was achieved on the Arab attack-armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda (Minister of lies) of the Nazi death machine said. "When a lie is big enough, and it just keeps repeating, then people will eventually come to believe it" So it is with falsehood and the term "occupation" or "occupation of Palestinian land". How many people in this world actually believe the lie that Israel occupies Palestinian land? Most people who believe this, are coming from the Muslim Arab world but also many people in the West are already indoctrinated and poisoned by this lying propaganda of the so-called Palestinian people, a people that does not even exist or ever existed! The Palestinians are after all just Arab Muslims coming from that area.

With this knowledge now with you, you must listen to the next video of Mr. Abbas! In the video he mentions the alleged murder of a Palestinian boy (Ahmed Manasra), who lives just yet and is cared for in an Israeli hospital, after an attack with a knife he committed against an Israeli citizin. So here again a big lie from Abbas! But the world swallows it like hot cakes! I also want to refer to the blog http://eczp.blogspot.nl/search?q=occupation , where many articles and documents proof hat the whole "occupation" where the Palestinians and the Arab world have been pursuing over, is simply an outrageous lie!