dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Pro-Israel Christian family is Amazing

“Again you will plant vineyards on the hills of Samaria; the farmers will plant them and enjoy their fruit.” (Jeremiah 31:5)

Upon first impression, the Waller family seems to be your average pro-Israel Christian family. However, once you dig deeper, you realize they are anything but.

Tommy and Sherri, along with their seven sons, four daughters and more spouses and grandchildren than you can count on both hands, have devoted their lives to a divine cause by getting down and dirty – literally. The Waller family has made it their mission to work the soil of the Holy Land of Israel in order to hasten the ultimate redemption.

Tommy, the family’s patriarch, first came to Israel 11 years ago. Right away, he knew that there was something special happening here. “[Israel] changed my life,”. “It brought to reality the existence of God. Where else can you touch God, except here? Everything here has the name of God written on it. This is where the patriarchs walked.”

Working to make the words of Jeremiah a reality, the Wallers founded HaYovel, an organization whose goal is “to strengthen and undergird the often overlooked small independent farmer in Israel through creative networking, education, tourism, and activism.” The Wallers believe that Israel needs to be experienced in order to be understood, and to that end, they have brought over 1,700 Christian volunteers to Israel to work the land by pruning vineyards, harvesting olives and farming the land of the Bible.

According to Tommy, many Christians make the mistake of thinking that Israel is just for the Jews, but the picture is much bigger. “Jerusalem is what it’s about. It’s the epicenter. It’s what the prophets talked about so it can’t be just for the Jews. We need it too,” he explained. “We missed this point for 2,000 years. We didn’t understand Israel, Jerusalem, or the Jewish people. We have to find out what our place is.

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