zondag 25 oktober 2015


Kerry speaks about Netanyahu agreeing to maintaining status quo on Temple Mount

John Kerry is, a muslim-appeaser, or a muslim himself, but first he is a freemason who swore also on the Quran. Also he is a pathetic lyer, because the two mosques on the Temple Mount are NO 'holy' sites at all.

Again Our Comment:

The Status Quo is the Source/Root of all Evil and the cause of islamic murders of Jewish lives in Israel. ISRAEL MUST END THE STATUS QUO ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT NOW!

We have some 'incitement' here: Free the Temple Mount immediately from Muslim presence now, just as in 1967. So that Jews and Christians can freely pray and worship the God of Israel, on Mount Zion, God's holy Hill!

We believe it is very important, that Mr Netanyahu and the Israeli cabinet, will acknowledge that the Muslim shrines at the Temple Mount are not sacred at all, but that they are incitements places of hate and violence, and that they must be closed for Islam and Muslims for all eternity! So that at last Jews and Christians (and all others that wants to, freely and peacefully, worship the God of Israel and his Messiah) can go up to the Temple Mount to pray and worship HaShem!