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Arab Christians demand equal rights -- and equal duties in Israel

"We want young Christians to become totally integrated into Israeli society, which also entails shouldering their fair share of the burden of national service. Our future as a Christian minority is intertwined with that of the State of Israel. We want to give more to society and to contribute our share just like others do," says Gavriel Nadaf, a 39-year-old Arab Christian priest who is being persecuted by the Arab Israeli establishment. Nonetheless, the cold, hard numbers say that the majority is behind him.

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Norway Loves Israel

Boycotting Israeli Products

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Tisha B'Av 2013, 17th of Tammuz

The 17th of Tammuz is a fast day commemorating the fall of Jerusalem, prior to the destruction of the Holy Temple. This also marks the beginning of a 3-week national period of mourning, leading up to Tisha B'Av.

The 17th of Tammuz is the first of four fast days mentioned in the prophets. The purpose of a fast day is to awaken our sense of loss over the destroyed Temple – and the subsequent Jewish journey into exile.

Agonizing over these events is meant to help us conquer those spiritual deficiencies which brought about these tragic events. Through the process of "Teshuva" – self-introspection and a commitment to improve – we have the power to transform tragedy into joy. In fact, the Talmud says that after the future redemption of Israel and the rebuilding of the Temple, these fast days will be re-dedicated as days of rejoicing and festivity. For as the prophet Zechariah says: the 17th of Tammuz will become a day of "joy to the House of Judah, and gladness and cheerful feasts."

What Happened on the 17th of Tammuz?

Five great catastrophes occurred in Jewish history on the 17th of Tammuz:

Moses broke the tablets at Mount Sinai – in response to the sin of the Golden Calf.
The daily offerings in the First Temple were suspended during the siege of Jerusalem, after the Kohanim could no longer obtain animals.
Jerusalem's walls were breached, prior to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE.
Prior to the Great Revolt, the Roman general Apostamos burned a Torah scroll – setting a precedent for the horrifying burning of Jewish books throughout the centuries.
An idolatrous image was placed in the Sanctuary of the Holy Temple – a brazen act of blasphemy and desecration.

(Originally, the fast was observed on the Ninth of Tammuz since that was the day Jerusalem fell prior to the destruction of the First Temple in 586 BCE. However, after Jerusalem fell on the 17th of Tammuz – prior to the destruction of the Second Temple – the Sages decided upon a combined observance for both tragedies, the 17th of Tammuz.)

How Do We Observe the 17th of Tammuz?

No eating or drinking is permitted from the break of dawn, until dusk.
Pregnant and nursing women – and others whose health would be adversely affected – are exempted from the fast.
Should the day coincide with Shabbat, the fast is delayed until Sunday.
Bathing, anointing, and wearing leather shoes are all permissible.
The "Aneinu" prayer is inserted into the Amidah of Shacharis and Mincha by the chazan. Individuals insert it in Mincha only.
Slichos and "Avinu Malkeinu" are recited.
Exodus 32:11, in which the "13 Attributes of Mercy" are mentioned, is read at both the morning and afternoon services.
Isaiah 55:6 – 56:8, which discusses the renewal of the Temple service, is read as the Haftorah at the Mincha service.

Rabbi Bruce Cohen Speaking


1948 Jewish population: 38,000 ; in 2004: 0 !!!

Jews had a presence in Libya at least since 323 B.C.E. in Cyrene.
A savage pogrom in Tripoli on November 5, 1945, killed more than 140 Jews and wounded hundreds more. Almost every synagogue was looted. In June 1948, rioters murdered another 12 Jews and destroyed 280 Jewish homes.

Thousands of Jews fled the country after Libya was granted independence and membership in the Arab League in 1951. After the Six-Day War, the Jewish population of 7,000 was again subjected to pogroms in which 18 were killed, and many more injured, sparking a near-total exodus that left fewer than 100 Jews in Libya.

When Col. Qaddafi came to power in 1969, all Jewish property was confiscated and all debts to Jews cancelled. In 1999, the synagogue in Tripoli was was renovated, however, it was not reopened.

Media Coverage on Israel

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David's Sling missile system unveiled in Paris

Once shrouded in secrecy, Israel's David's Sling missile interceptor went on display for the first time this week at the Paris Air Show. Its co-manufacturers, Rafael, say the system is designed to compliment the Iron Dome defensive shield used in the Gaza conflict, and will be operational within two years.

Supermoon lights up sky over Jerusalem Old City

Gaza Rocket Attacks: Missiles fired at Israeli targets from Gaza overnight break fragile truce

donderdag 20 juni 2013

The Long Way Home - Israel Documentary

Jesus lives on in Jerusalem

By Yoaz Hendel, Published: 8.19.2010.

Thousands of Messianic Jews reside in Israel, perform Jewish ceremonies and serve in IDF.

Some 15,000 Messianic Jews currently live in Israel, but if you saw one on the street you would almost certainly fail to recognize any difference. They honor Jewish circumcision, bar-mitzvah, and wedding ceremonies, but believe Jesus is the messiah.

The small community of Yad Hashmona, near Jerusalem, is home to a number of Messianic-Jewish families. They believe in Jesus – or Yeshua, as they call him – and in the teachings of the New Testament as well as the old. They are Jews in every sense, but for the most part keep this side of their faith to themselves. When these families gather for the Shabbat meal, however, Jesus/Yeshua is the guest star at their table.

Around 350,000 Messianic Jews live in the US, and one would be just as hard-pressed to recognize
them there as in Israel. Some are Orthodox, and dress as the haredim do, while others are traditional and wear a yarmulke or no religious symbol at all. They are for the most part Zionists, and see IDF service as a top priority. In the army they serve as pilots, commanders, and elite unit members, but usually make sure to keep their messianic beliefs under wraps.

The fact that Jesus was Jewish is generally agreed upon, but what happened after his death is subject to rancorous theological debate. History books tend to recall the first century as a time of rebellion and prophets in Jewish antiquity, and this was also Christianity's first chapter, bringing about pre-historic inter-religious quarreling and anti-Semitism.

But in separating between Jews and Christians, history largely ignores the story of those Jewish people who believed Christ was the messiah and continued this tradition well after his death – the ancestors of the Messianic-Jewish faith in modern times.

Read whole article: Ynet

Ignorant comparison of Jewish Activism to Muslim Rioting

World's oldest Jewish person dies in new York aged 113

The world's oldest Jewish person, Evelyn Kozak, whose family fled Russia to escape anti-Semitism in the 1880s, has died at age 113.

Kozak died Tuesday after suffering a heart attack the day before, her granddaughter Brucha Weisberger said. She was buried next to her parents in a cemetery in Brooklyn.

Kozak was the world's oldest documented Jewish person and the world's seventh-oldest person, said Robert Young, a senior database administrator at the Los Angeles-based Gerontology Research Group, an organization of physicians, scientists and engineers who validate supercentenarians, people 110 or older.

While a series of strokes about three years ago left Kozak in a wheelchair and paralyzed on her right side, her mind was always sharp, Weisberger said Thursday. For the past three years, Kozak had lived with her granddaughter and the granddaughter's husband and children in Brooklyn.

"As old as she was, we really expected her to live forever," said Weisberger, one of nearly a dozen grandchildren. "She was strong and incredible. We thought she would be going on and on and on."

Kozak, who was one of nine children, was born on Manhattan's Lower East Side on Aug. 14, 1899. Her family had moved from Russia to escape organized anti-Semitic attacks.

Though Kozak had no formal religious education, she was religious, keeping kosher and observing the Sabbath. When she was 110, she started covering her hair, as many traditionally orthodox Jewish women do.

Source: YahooNews

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel: Don’t Go to Rabbis for Blessing – Pray

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, the Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan, has denounced the practice of going to Kabbalist rabbis (Mekubalim) for a special blessing in times of trouble. Instead, Jews should [directly] pray to G-d for assistance, he said.

Rabbi Ariel gave his opinion in response to a question on the Yeshiva web site. A reader asked, “We are married for seven years without children. We went to a certain rabbi to get a blessing for a child.

“Before we went in to the rabbi, we had to sign a form obligating us to pay a certain amount if we get pregnant, and another sum if there is a birth. And to invite the rabbi to be the sandak ["godfather"] at the brit milah [circumcision].

“The rabbi saw us for five minutes and said, ‘Bracha v’hatzlacha’ [‘Blessings and success’]. My husband and I got a very bad feeling from it. What does the rabbi [Rabbi Ariel] think of this?”

Rabbi Ariel answered that experts in halakha (Jewish law) oppose the practice of going to rabbis or “kabbalists” for a blessing. “There are some hidden spiritual giants who, through their righteousness, can give blessing,” he said. “But there are few of them, and their identities are not known.”

He urged those in need of blessing to pray to G-d directly, “without an agent.” Those seeking aid can visit the Kotel (Western Wall) or the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron, he added. Rabbi Ariel told the questioner that the commitment she and her husband were required to give may not be valid.

Source: ArutzSheva

From 1 Samuel 1

5 But to Hannah he gave a double portion, because he loved Hannah, even though Adonai had kept her from having children.

10 In deep depression she prayed to Adonai and cried.

11 Then she took a vow; she said, “Adonai-Tzva’ot, if you will notice how humiliated your servant is, if you will remember me and not forget your servant but will give your servant a male child, then I will give him to Adonai for as long as he lives; and no razor will ever come on his head.”

12 She prayed for a long time before Adonai (the Lord).

17 Then ‘Eli replied, “Go in peace. May the God of Isra’el grant what you have asked of him.”

From the Brit Chadasha, 1 Timothy 2:5

"For God is one;[echad] and there is but one Mediator [agent] between God and humanity, Yeshua the Messiah (who became a man/human)".

John 14

13 In fact, whatever you ask [pray, daven, to G_d) for in my name, I will do; so that the Father (Hashem) may be glorified in the Son (Yeshua).

14 If you ask me for something in my name, I will do it.

woensdag 19 juni 2013

Israel is Selling Out the Land and the Jewish holy sites

Tomb (Kever) of Joshua bin Nun in Kefel Hares

Why doesn't the Israeli government stand up for the rights of Jews to holy sites?

Mention any biblical and historic site of the Jewish people. You won't find one preserved and protected by the Israeli establishment. Not only is the Temple Mount no longer "in our hands", but its easier substitute, the Western Wall, has also been conceded by Israel’s government to a group of femminists and cultural extremists.

Judaism's holiest place on earth today is the site of the most severe religious persecution of the Jews. Israeli governments have failed to stand up to wanton Palestinian acts of desecration. It’s the greatest crime of all – a religious and cultural crime of historic proportions.

Under pressure from Europe's multiculturalists, United States, political Islam and Unesco, which are all trying to “de-Judaize” and “Islamicize” the most holy Jewish sites, the State of Israel seems top be giving up its sovereignity on sacred sites.

These Israeli "leaders", leftist or rightist, seem proud that Dizengoff has replaced the Western Wall, that Herzliya is surrendering the Cave of the Patriarchs and that Holon is giving up the tomb of Rachel.

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem— the second most important Jewish holy sites — have been omitted from the list of Israel’s national heritage sites. If it’s “West Bank” or “Palestine”, as most of Israeli establishment believes, those are justifications for saying that “Jews stole it”.

Beit HaShalom in Hevron was purchased for a million dollars, but 16 holy Jewish families were evicted by a rightist Israeli government from the premises for no reason at all – as a court ruling issued later determined.

Joseph’s Tomb near Nablus, which is mentioned in the Book of Genesis, is an abandoned site which can be reached by Jewish worshippers only like thieves in the night, escorted by the IDF and only once in a month. It was Ehud Barak, not Hamas, that abandoned the site to the terrorists.

No Jew is permitted to set foot without military escort in the Shalom al Yisrael synagogue of the “city of palms”, Jericho. What is the difference between today's segregation and that existing between 1948 and 1967, when Jews were denied access to it?

Who knows that the Tomb of Joshua bin Nun is in Kefel Hares?

Read whole article: Arutz7

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Spice 250 bombs - the israeli Secret Weapon

The Israeli air force is equipping its fighter fleet with Rafael's new Spice 250 glide bomb, with the company having disclosed partial details of the system.

Celebrities visit Israel for Shimon Peres' 90th birthday

Hashem: No Politics!

1 Kings 8:56

"Praise be to the Lord, who has given rest to his people Israel just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave through his servant Moses."

Nederland overlegde in geheim met Israël over vredesproces

Jordanie = Palestina

Nederland heeft vanaf januari vorig jaar zeker een jaar lang in het geheim geprobeerd het vastgelopen vredesoverleg tussen Israël en de Palestijnen weer op gang te brengen, aldus NRC Handelsblad maandag. 
Nederland zag voor zichzelf niet zozeer een rol als bemiddelaar weggelegd, schrijft de krant, maar vooral als begeleider en eventueel als gastheer voor vredesoverleg.

De werkwijze doet denken aan de totstandkoming van de Oslo­akkoorden in 1993 tussen Israël en de Palestijnen. Die waren het resultaat van een serie geheime besprekingen in Noorwegen.

Tot veel resultaat heeft de Nederlandse poging niet geleid. Volgens de bronnen van NRC Handelsblad bleven de Israëlische premier Netanyahu en de Palestijnse president Abbas het hele afgelopen jaar om elkaar heen draaien. „Ze stelden allebei voorwaarden waarvan ze wisten dat de tegenpartij daar niet mee zou instemmen”, aldus de krant. „Desondanks hield Nederland de contacten gaande, in afwachting van een beter moment.” Toen Amerika in maart een vredesinitiatief lanceerde, heeft Nederland zijn inspanningen gestaakt.

Slechts een beperkt aantal mensen was van de bemiddelingspoging op de hoogte. Toenmalig minister Rosenthal (Buitenlandse Zaken) was er nauw bij betrokken, evenals VVD-Kamerlid Ten Broeke, die als gezant een hoofdrol speelde.

De Tweede Kamer wist nergens van. De huidige minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Timmermans, werd bij zijn aantreden eind vorig jaar op de hoogte gesteld.

Bron: Ref.Dagblad

Ons commentaar: Idioterie van Nederland!

Kamerlid Han ten Broeke (VVD)

‘What occupation?’ Bennett asks, rejecting Palestinian state

Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on January 21, 2013

Senior minister compares conflict to ‘shrapnel in the rear end,’ says entire Land of Israel ‘belongs to the Jewish people’ (We Agree!)

The idea of a Palestinian state has run its course and Israel must seek another solution to the conflict with the Palestinians, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) said Monday, joining a growing number of coalition members who have recently expressed firm opposition to the two-state solution.

“The idea of forming a Palestinian state in Israel has reached a dead end,” Bennett said at a meeting of the Yesha Council, the umbrella organization of Jewish communities in the West Bank. Never in the history of the Jewish people has so much energy been invested in “something so pointless,” and “we should put the idea behind us,” he added.

“The biggest problem is that the leaders of Israel are not prepared to say clearly that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people,” Bennett said.

“There is a shift from seeking a solution to the problem to finding a situation that we can live with,” he said, adding that “the way to deal with the Palestinian problem is to establish separate rule for [West Bank] Palestinians, Israeli sovereignty over Area C and a broad improvement in economic conditions for Judea and Samaria for Jews and Palestinians alike.”

Judea and Samaria are the Biblical terms for the area known internationally as the West Bank.

Said Bennett, “Those who dare to say that the occupation corrupts [Israel] and fret over the occupation all day long — occupation, occupation. What occupation? Can one be an occupier in one’s own home? This is our home.”

Source: timesofisrael

WE LOVE BENNETT FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH (in spite of whatever opposition or condemnation)

Bill Clinton: Israel Must Make Peace To Survive

Former President Bill Clinton urged Israel to make peace with Palestinians in order to survive as a Jewish and democratic state at a conference Monday evening, adding his voice to a chorus of prominent pro-Israel figures warning of the urgency of peacemaking for the country`s own survival.

Clinton spoke hours after an Israeli Cabinet minister declared that the Palestinians would not establish a state in territory Israel controls.

It underscored a chasm between the country`s official support for creating an independent Palestinian state and the hard-line opponents who dominate Israel`s ruling coalition.

Repeating arguments made for years by Israeli doves and centrists, Clinton warned that increasing numbers of Palestinians under Israeli rule will ultimately force the country to lose either its Jewish majority or its democratic nature if Palestinians are not given equal rights as citizens.

"Is it really okay with you if Israel has a majority of its people living within your territory who are not now, and never will be, allowed to vote?" Clinton asked at a conference in central Israel honoring President Shimon Peres, who is turning 90.

"If it is, can you say with a straight face that you`ll be a democracy? If you let them vote, can you live with not being a Jewish state? And if you can`t live with one of those things, then you are left with trying to cobble together some theory of a two-state solution," he said, with a Palestinian state next to Israel.

Clinton was referring to the 4.4 million Palestinians who live in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, territories that Israel conquered in the 1967 Mideast war. Another 1.4 million live inside Israel, alongside about 6.5 million Jews.

Source: azvision

Read: Clinton: Israel Must Make Peace or Disappear

Our Comment: You cannot take this guy serious. Palestinians, Islamics, will never know what real peace or democracy is!

Isaiah 59:8

"The way of peace they do not know; there is no justice in their paths. They have turned them into crooked roads; no one who walks along them will know peace."

Bill Clownton

Cycling Israel

Op Aanvraag: "Van Oosten en Westen"

de zijderoute in profetisch perspectief

Netanyahu: Laat Iraanse verkiezing u niet misleiden

De Israëlische premier heeft zondag het Westen gewaarschuwd, zich niet voor de gek te laten houden door de keuze van iemand die gematigd zou zijn bij de Iraanse presidentsverkiezingen. Hij wees er op, dat de Islamitische Republiek in werkelijkheid door radicale Islamitische geestelijken wordt geregeerd.

Dit weekeinde hebben de Iraniërs massaal op de gematigde geestelijke Hassan Rohani gestemd, die in zijn campagne werd gesteund door reformistische elementen. In zijn campagne vroeg Rohani om grotere vrijheid in Iran, en hij had al eerder beloofd de officiële betrekkingen met de VS te herstellen.

Dit kan dan goed nieuws zijn voor de Iraniërs, maar wat de buitenlandse betrekkingen betreft, en vooral het nucleaire programma van Iran, drong Israël er bij het Westen op aan, zeer behoedzaam te blijven handelen.

'De internationale gemeenschap moet zich niet laten meeslepen in wishful thinking”, zei Netanyahu. 'Vijftien jaar geleden noemden ze [de voormalige Iraanse president Mohammed] Khatami gematigd, maar er is niets veranderd. Iran wordt beoordeeld op wat het doet met het nucleaire programma'.

Iran wordt in feite geregeerd door Opperste Leider ayatollah Ali Khameini en zijn raad van geestelijken. We wijzen er op, dat Rohani, hoewel pragmatischer dan zijn voorganger, Machmoud Achmadinejad, al lange tijd het islamitische regime steunt, en een leerling was van ayatollah Khomeini, de leider van de Iraanse islamitische revolutie.

Het Israëlische ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken wees er na de verkiezingen in een verklaring op, dat de ayatollahs een aantal tegenstanders van Rohani bij de verkiezingen hadden gediskwalificeerd. Dit betekent dat de nieuwe president zich niet te ver bezijden de waarheid van de officiële agenda van het regime bevindt. Om die reden is het waarschijnlijk nog te vroeg om te spreken van een 'revolutie' in Iran.

Toch laat de internationale gemeenschap zich waarschijnlijk bedriegen door de opwinding, en Israël vreest, dat de verkiezing van Rohani de ayatollahs veel meer tijd zal geven om voort te gaan met hun nucleaire programma. Daar zou het al die tijd om zijn gegaan.

Bron: IsraelToday

Read: Israel: Iran's new president will continue nuclear quest

(txs to P.L.)

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1.000 New Homes to be Built in Judea

One thousand new housing units for Jews will be built in the Etzion Bloc, in Judea, the Minister of Construction and Housing annnounced.

Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) met Wednesday with the Etzion Bloc Regional Council head Davidi Perl and discussed continued construction in the region, despite international pressure not to build homes for Jews there.

The minister decided, in the course of the meeting, to make sure that “meaningful progress” takes place as regards several construction plans in the region. This includes the beginning of the planning process for a new 1,000-home neighborhood in the Gvaot neighborhood in Alon Shvut.

The planned homes will be built in addition to 560 units that are already being planned and have been approved by the Defense Minister.

Perl thanked the minister after the meeting and said, “I am glad that we are receiving broad support from the government in strengthening and developing the region.”

Source: Arutz7

Our Comment: Great News! Read Gods promises in Ezekiel 36

Netanyahu in Auschwitz blasts world for ignoring Nazi threat

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the opening of a new exhibition at the Auschwitz- Birkenau Nazi death camp, in Poland, on Thursday, June 13.

The world knew about the Holocaust and did nothing, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said from the Auschwitz death camp Thursday, vowing that Israel would take matters into its own hands to prevent a second Holocaust.

“The Allied leaders knew about the Holocaust as it was happening. They understood perfectly what was taking place in the death camps. They were asked to act, they could have acted, and they did not,” said Netanyahu. “For us Jews, the lesson is clear. We must not stand idle before the threats of annihilation. We must not bury our heads in the sand, or let others do our work. From here, the place that provides testimony for the will to eradicate us, I, the prime minister of Israel, the Jewish state, tell all the nations of the world: The State of Israel will do whatever is necessary to prevent a second Holocaust.”

The prime minister was speaking at the opening of a new pavilion at Block 27 of the former Nazi death camp, designed to educate visitors about the Holocaust and Nazi Germany’s quest to exterminate Jews.

The exhibition was curated by Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum. It aims to detail the backdrop of the Holocaust, the Nazi ideology for murder and the physical and spiritual struggle of its victims. It includes survivor testimonies and victims’ names.

Netanyahu, whose father was born in Warsaw, has an emotional connection to the Holocaust, although he has faced criticism for citing it frequently in the context of current events, notably regarding the potential nuclear threat from Iran. For years, Netanyahu has used his annual address on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day to caution about the danger of a nuclear Iran and vowing that “never again” will the Jews be powerless to defend themselves.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Netanyahu insisted the intentions of the Iranians are just as murderous as the Nazis and their helpers.

“The comparison is intentional. Does Iran want to destroy the state of Israel, first and foremost its Jews? The answer is yes,” he said in response to a question from The Associated Press. “Here is where the comparison diverges, since there was no State of Israel back then that could defend itself. The difference is not in the hatred of Jews and the will to destroy them. This is something that is pretty consistent in history and even modern history. The Holocaust didn’t change this situation.”

Netanyahu said the upcoming “so-called” Iranian presidential election would “change nothing” in the Islamic republic’s quest for nuclear weapons and that the regime would continue to pursue a bomb aimed at destroying Israel. Iran insists its uranium enrichment program has only peaceful goals.

“This is a regime that is building nuclear weapons with the expressed purpose to annihilate Israel’s 6 million Jews,” Netanyahu said. “We will not allow this to happen. We will never allow another Holocaust.”

Source: timesofisrael

A woman cries as she visits the exhibition SHOAH at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Block 27 during the opening of a new pavilion at the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz, in Oswiecim, Poland, Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Antisemieten Van Agt en halve Tweede Kamer rijp voor het gekkenhuis

Door: Prof. Drs. G.B.J. Van Frikschoten

Zie u die bus hierboven? Of wat er nog van over is. En die dode man? De vele doden en gewonden die allemaal niet op de foto staan. Dit is het werk van een Palestijnse zelfmoordterrorist. Tussen het jaar 2000 en juli 2003 bliezen 73 Palestijnse zelfmoordterroristen zich op deze manier op om zoveel mogelijk Joodse burgers in Israël mee de dood in te slepen. 293 mensen vonden zo de dood en tegen de 2000 mensen raakten (zwaar) gewond bij deze aanslagen. Bij "gewond" moet u denken aan afgerukte ledematen en dergelijke.

Dat wil voormalig CDA minister president Dries van Agt zo snel mogelijk weer. Israël heeft namelijk een muur gebouwd om Palestijnse zelfmoorterroristen buiten de poort te houden. En dat hielp onmiddelijk. Tussen augustus 2003 en 2008 werden er namelijk nog "maar" 15 van zulke aanslagen vanuit Samaria en Judea uitgevoerd met "maar" 68 doden en 458 gewonden tot gevolg.

De muur (die op veel plekken overigens een hek is) was zelfs zó succesvol dat de Palestijnse Islamitische Jihad-leider Ramadan Shalah zich op 23 maart 2008 beklaagde in de krant Al-Sharq (een krant in Qatar, dat land waar de koninklijke familie zo innig mee bevriend is) dat: "de veiligheidsbarrière de mogelijkheden beperkt om diep in Israël te komen om zelfmoordaanslagen uit te voeren."

Sinds 19 april 2008, na de laatste zelfmoordaanslag bij de grensovergang naar Gaza, Kerem Shalom, is er geen enkele aanslag meer geweest van die orde terwijl bij de grenzen van Samaria en Judea aan de lopende band wannabe-zelfmoordterroristen worden opgepakt.

En dát kan zo niet langer vindt Dries van Agt! En dus bedacht hij dat de "Apartheidsmuur" deels op "Palestijns grondgebied" staat en zamelde 65.000 handtekeningen in van mensen die ook wel van een beetje Joods bloed aan de muur houden, om in de Tweede Kamer een debat af te dwingen die daarop Israël onder druk moet gaan zetten om de muur af te breken. Zodat die arme zelfmoordterroristen er tenminste weer langs kunnen om bussen, bruiloften en pizzatenten vol Joden op te blazen. Deze 65.000 bloeddorstige idioten noemen zichzelf, op de borst kloppend, "mensenrechten activist". Zit u nog op uw stoel en is uw onderkaak nog niet tot op uw schoenen open gevallen? Mooi. Dan gaan we nu verder met de waarheid.

Ten eerste is "Palestina" geen land. Het hoort gewoon bij Israël en heet Gaza of Samaria en Judea. Er bestaat dus helemaal geen "Palestijns grondgebied", net zo min als er een "Palestijnse staat" of "Palestijnen" zouden zijn. Het gaat om voornamelijk Arabische immigranten uit Egypte en Jordanië en hun nazaten waarvan u moet weten dat elk kind dat uit die ouders geboren wordt automatisch als "vluchteling" telt voor de VN. Zelfs na tientallen jaren. Lees hier de historie. Ten tweede is die zogenaamde "muur" maar 20 kilometer lang. 180 Kilometer is hek. Totaal hebben we het dus over 200 kilometer veiligheidsbarrière die met stellige zekerheid vele levens heeft gered. Het originele plan om een veiligheidsbarrière van 760 kilometer te bouwen heeft Israël al in 2007 laten varen.

En wie steunen deze antisemiet in de Tweede Kamer? De usual suspects uiteraard: de SP, GroenLinks en D'66. Allemaal knetterlinks en antisemiet. Graag willen ze Israël vernietigd zien en daarin gaan ze zo ver dat in opdracht van een stel halve garen ons Nederland, uit naam van ons allemaal, de Israëli's een voet moet gaan dwars zetten om zijn eigen burgers te kunnen beschermen. Zodat ze tenminste opgeblazen kunnen worden met een luid "Allahu Akbar" geschreeuw.

Dit, dames en heren, DIT is het niveau van de Tweede Kamer tegenwoordig. Hier wordt serieus over gedebateerd! $%#&^ (groffe woorden). Zij die de geschiedenis vervalsen en daar vervolgens hun kwaadaardige consequenties aan willen verbinden. Met pek en veren op een spoorrail de Noordzee in met dat gajes!

Leve Israël! Shalom!

Bron: amsterdampost

Lees: Van Agt krijgt nul op het rekest

dinsdag 11 juni 2013

How I became a Jew for Jesus

Laura Barron spent her childhood years in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Rye, New York. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a teacher. Her parents grew up in a tight-knit Jewish community in Dayton, Ohio and had known each other from school. While this could have been an obstacle to hearing the Gospel, in Laura's case it was preparation. She says:

"In New York, all of my friends were Jewish and I had never heard anything about Jesus at all. In a way that was beneficial, because I hadn't formed a resistance to Jesus based on ideas about anti-Semitism or feeling that 'Jews just can't be Jewish and believe in Jesus;' I was a tabula rasa - a blank slate."

Gaza closes all the Christian schools using a sharia technicality.

Christians in the Gaza Strip are up in arms over a Hamas government order which would force the closure of five Christian schools. The Hamas measure forbids co-educational institutions where boys and girls mix.

A Home in Israel - The Dream of All American Zionists

In a new neighborhood of a Jerusalem suburb a new project is rising, whose organizers hope will encourage more American Jews to make aliyah. Speaking to Arutz Sheva during an Israel housing fair in New York, Asher Stoller of Nofei Israel said that the project was the perfect one for new American immigrants to Israel, as well as olim who yearn for the social comforts of their former American lifestyle.

“Many Americans find it hard to adjust to life in Israel,” said Stoller – and not necessarily financially, either. “Some make aliyah, staying for a few years and moving back,” because of the difficulty of being separated from people with their own cultural background, or because their children could not fit in at school.

Enter Nofei Israel, an “engineered community” that is planned down to the last detail to enhance the aliyah experience for American Jews who decide to make it their home. Surrounded by beautiful greenery and parks, Nofei Israel caters to religious families who are looking for high quality of life amidst all of the necessary community facilities and amenities. Modern commercial and recreational areas will further serve to create a rich living experience.

Designed by Israel’s top architects, individual apartments within the development have potential for every conceivable comfort – from swimming pools to private decks and beyond. Nofei Israel, a company that has acquired an esteemed reputation in the Israeli real estate market, offers buyers five different design options. Alternately, buyers may choose to build their own homes to their unique specifications.

“Nofei Israel will ensure maximum absorption for American Jews making aliyah,” said Stoller. “It's an opportunity for anyone who wants to make aliyah to do in in a way that is the most comfortable possible.”

Marketing of the first 400 units is now underway, with 150 lots currently being marketed as self-constructing. An additional 250 luxury apartments will be added to establish the orthodox community, as well as the necessary shuls, schools and mikvahs. So far 80 lots have already been sold.

Source: ArutzSheva

Website: Nofei Israel

Israel asks U.S. for ‘bunker-buster’ bombs that could improve Iran strike

Israel has asked the United States for advanced “bunker-buster” bombs and refueling planes that could improve its ability to attack Iran’s underground nuclear sites, an Israeli official said on Thursday.

“Such a request was made” around the time of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington this week, the official said, confirming media reports.

But the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the issue, played down as “unrealistic” reports that the United States would condition supplying the hardware on Israel promising not to attack Iran this year.

Source: canadiantimes

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Suspected uranium-enrichment facility near Qom, Iran

Min. Bennett: Middle East is Falling Apart

"I see no peace on the horizon. We know the truth,” said Economic Minister and Bayit Yehudi head, weighing in on the public feud between Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon.

"The entire Middle East is falling apart before our eyes, and none of [the forces at play] is registering to the Zionist Federation,” he said acerbically.

Livni said Monday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has to make a decision in the diplomatic sphere, and that he must put an end to the phenomenon she termed “Danonism.” The term refers to Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, who has spoken out against the idea of a Palestinian state.

“Look at the government: there was never a government discussion, resolution or vote about the two-state solution,” Danon had said. “If you will bring it to a vote in the government — nobody will bring it to a vote, it’s not smart to do it — but if you bring it to a vote, you will see the majority of Likud ministers, along with the Jewish Home [party], will be against it.”

Source: ArutzSheva

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Abbas & BDS - Boycott, Wrong Move

BDS and SodaStream

Discover the shocking reality - Israel’s successful home soda device company, SodaStream, has been boycotted by anti-Israel BDS movement and Israeli Apartheid Week supporters as producing products in an “illegal settlement” and harmful to local Arabs – but is this true?

See how Arabs themselves feel about SodaStream and about how Israeli companies affect the Arab-Israeli conflict.

SodaStream - Building Bridges, Not Walls

BDS and Nazis : What's the difference?

Read: BDS conference turns violent for Palestinian who ask the wrong question

Egypt and the Nile

maandag 10 juni 2013

Golda Meir offered Egypt most of Sinai for peace before 1973 war

Several months before the 1973 Yom Kippur War, then-Israeli prime minister Golda Meir used West German diplomatic channels to offer Egypt most of the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for peace, according to documents released Sunday by the state archives.

During a series of meetings with West German chancellor Willy Brandt, who was making a historic visit to Israel in early June 1973, Meir offered ”to meet with them (the Egyptians) for the first personal contact, anywhere, any time and at any level” and asked Brandt to convey to the Egyptians her desire to meet as well as Israel’s willingness to cede most of the Sinai in a peace treaty with Egypt.

Israel captured the peninsula from Egypt in the 1967 Six Day War. According to the records, Meir was not willing to return completely to the 1967 lines in the event of a handover.

“He can tell Sadat that he, Brandt, is convinced that we truly want peace. That we don’t want all of Sinai, or half of Sinai, or the major part of Sinai. Brandt can make it clear to Sadat that we do not request that he begin negotiations in public, and that we are prepared to begin secret negotiations, etc.,” Meir said in a later meeting.

West German diplomatic personnel later met in Cairo with Hafiz Ismail, a close adviser to Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, and relayed the Israeli proposal, which Ismail reportedly rejected bluntly.

As long as Israel was not willing to return completely to the 1967 lines, there was no point in negotiations, he reportedly said, adding that there would be no “talks about talks.” Ismail, during the meeting, held forth about world indifference to the situation in the Arab world and said that ”from now on, the Arabs’ fate is in their own hands.”

Several months later Egypt and Syria launched the Yom Kippur War, in October 1973, on Judaism’s holiest day, catching Israel by surprise. Egypt made great initial gains in the Sinai, which were subsequently turned around by an Israeli counteroffensive before a truce was declared.

Israel retained possession of the Sinai, but later, in 1978, Egypt entered into a deal resembling Meir’s proposal as a result of the Camp David Accords, and over the next few years the entire Sinai was returned to Egypt.

The release by the state archives revealed many more details of chancellor Brandt’s visit, which took place against the fallout of the 1972 Munich Massacre. The archives note that Brandt was lukewarm about West Germany acting as an intermediary between Israel and Egypt, and sent a relatively low-level diplomatic agent to Egypt to convey Meir’s offer.

The documents also revealed that Israel had tried on at least two previous occasions to use a European country as an intermediary to jump-start negotiations with the Egyptians, but to no avail.

Source: timesofisrael

Prime minister Golda Meir welcoming West German chancellor Willy Brandt at the Lod airport, on June 7, 1973.

Swedish Activists Rally Against Anti-Semitism

Sweden Rally for Israel

Saskia Pantell, Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation of Sweden, praised to pro-Israel sentiment expressed at a rally this week. "We cannot allow politicians in Sweden to avoid the problem any longer," Pantell stated. "We need to speak up and say what is really going on."

"Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism," Pantell explained, stating that Judeophobic comments are being "disguised as merely being critical of Israel."

She said that while the turnout to the event, held in Stockholm, was very good, and there were no anti-Israeli counter protesters, not a single Swedish media outlet came to cover the event.

"It's hard to find fair media reporting about Israel," she stated. "You have to admit the problem and make an attempt at a pro-active solution and fully understand that, of course, Zionism should be a given. It is Jewish self-governance and it's a human right. Sweden is known for standing up for human rights and democracy. There something wrong when the general population doesn't understand what Zionism is."

Pantell said the event ended with the singing of Israeli songs, dancing and waving Israeli flags. Approximately 500 people attended.

Pantell hopes for more positive events in the future. She has also organized "Kippah Walks," explaining, "it started in Malmo with people of all types walking in solidarity to make it common to the Swedish eye to see people wearing a kippah."

Source: israelnationalnews

Photo's: izionist

Patrick Mercer MP, "You look like a bloody Jew"

BBC's Panorama documentary on lobbying in politics catches then Conservative MP Patrick Mercer on video expressing anti-Semitic and sexist comments about an Israeli soldier.


In a letter to Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, a British Jew, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein condemned anti-Semitic remarks recently made by a British Member of Parliament and urged Bercow to issue a strong response.

Edelstein’s letter was referring to a comment recently made by MP Patrick Mercer, caught on a hidden camera by a BBC reporter. In the video, Mercer discusses a recent trip to Israel in which he called an IDF soldier “a bloody Jew.”

“I was shocked to hear about the crude anti-Semitic words used by a Member of Parliament, Patrick Mercer, regarding an event during his recent trip to Israel,” Edelstein wrote to Bercow. “This was a totally unacceptable comment, certainly as made by a public figure.”

“This comment is merely one of a number of similarly unacceptable comments made by Members of the British Parliament regarding Jews and regarding Israel, comments that include sick, perverted and racist positions regarding the State of Israel,” he continued.

“I call on you, as Speaker of the House of Commons, to use all the parliamentary and disciplinary tools at your disposal in order to give clear expression to your position and the position of the British Parliament regarding such ugly incidents,” he wrote. “Only a strong and firm reaction on your part will provide the necessary public expression of the uncompromising commitment by you and by the British Parliament to the fight against anti-Semitism and other forms of racism.”

“The experience of the past teaches us that what begins as attacks against Jews does not end with the Jews,” Edelstein added. “Such statements, which come to light even when expressed in private, teach us that we have a duty to carry out an ongoing fight against those prejudices that exist in certain parts of British society.”

Source: tlvfaces

zondag 9 juni 2013

Netanyahu: Iran Stepping Up Cyber-War

Read: Iran-sponsored cyber-attacks unending, PM says

Light in Jerusalem 2013 The International Light Festival in the Old City

All Things are Mortal but the Jew

By Mark Twain

If statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of stardust lost in the blaze of the Milky way. properly, the Jew ought hardly to be heard of, but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk.

His contributions to the world’s list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also away out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous fight in this world, in all the ages; and had done it with his hands tied behind him.

He could be vain of himself, and be excused for it.The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed; and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other people have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished.

The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind.

All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”

- Mark Twain - “Concerning The Jews,” Harper’s Magazine, 1899.

Source: jewsnews

Morton Klein of the ZOA speaks out!

Excuse Mr. Klein for his speech, because he suffers from Tourette syndrome. He is a child of Holocaust survivors. But he has great things to say!


Report: EU Backing Away from Blacklisting Hezbollah

Israel's archenemy the evil Hezbollah organisation, with its dark satanic Ayatollah leaders, with a bunch of Muslim suicide bombers terrorists in the background, giving the Islamic-Nazi greeting sign! Which the cowards of the European Union resist to label for what it is!

The European Union in reneging on its plan to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization, diplomatic sources in Jerusalem have told Israel’s Maariv newspaper.

As recently as two weeks ago the EU was planning to name Hezbollah’s military wing a terrorist organization following reports of its involvement in Syria. However, a meeting held this week quickly became political, and the plan was met with strong opposition from both Ireland and Sweden, as well as several other countries, the diplomatic sources said.

The official reason given for retracting the move is a fear of instability in Lebanon, but the diplomatic sources say it was a matter of Ireland and Sweden fearing for the safety of a UN peacekeeping mission in the region.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that another main concern is the clarity of evidence linking Hezbollah to the Burgas bus bombing last year. Officials from member states in favor of the blacklisting have admitted that the evidence appears circumstantial. The new Bulgarian government’s hesitation in fingering Hezbollah has also weighed on discussions, several diplomats said, according to the WSJ.

Several EU diplomats told the WSJ that the discussions were inconclusive, though further talks are likely to be held later in the month.

All 27 EU member states must agree in order for Hezbollah to be added to the list.

“My guess is it’s going to take some time” to reach a decision, one EU diplomat briefed on the discussions told the WSJ. “There is no unanimity yet” on blacklisting Hezbollah, the person added.

Source: the-algemeiner

The Islamic-Nazi connection is very clear for every historian and follower of truth. Yet the Western leaders close their eyes for the evil religion of Islam, which has the obligation by Koranic mandatory to conquer and submit every country for Islam (so that every man on earth will become Muslim).

What you call 'settlements' are on solid moral ground

A Jewish child plays in the Ulpana neighborhood in 2010.

By: Dani Dayan

Catherine Ashton, the EU's high representative for foreign affairs, is a vocal critic of the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. Referring to them as "settlements", she claimed last week that they "threaten to make a two-state solution impossible" and called on Israel "to immediately end all settlement activities beyond the green line, including East Jerusalem". Obviously, Ashton has never visited a "settlement", like almost all of her colleagues in the international diplomatic high echelons. Nevertheless they consider themselves experts on the matter.

One notable exception is the former US president Jimmy Carter, who visited Gush Etzion in 2009. Carter is well known for his harsh criticism of Israel, considered by many as sheer hostility towards the Jewish state. So shocked was he by the reality on the ground, he stated: "This particular settlement is not one that I envision ever being abandoned, or changed over into a Palestinian territory." The contrast between Carter's statement and Ashton's reminded me of a recent statement by Israel's finance minister, Yair Lapid: "I used to have so many opinions before I learned the facts."

In 2009 I was invited to meet Tony Blair, the special envoy of the quartet (the UN, US, Russia and the EU) for the Middle East. At the end of our conversation I invited him to visit the communities whose future we had just discussed. He declined, saying: "I can see them from my helicopter." "From the helicopter," I replied, "you can't see the faces, look into the eyes and understand their aspirations." Blair, like many of his peers, continues to fly over our heads.

More than 360,000 Israelis live in almost 200 communities across Judea and Samaria, with 200,000 more in East Jerusalem. That's more than half a million people. Our endeavour stands on solid moral ground.

This week marks 46 years since the agonising days of June 1967, when the Arab world physically tried to annihilate Israel. We defeated them and liberated the strategic hills that overlook 70% of Israel's population. If partition of this contested land was ever the just solution to the conflict, it ceased the moment one side refused. It was not a mere rejection: they launched repeated assaults to take it all by force. Returning Israel to its indefensible nine-mile waistline would once again place us in mortal danger, while rewarding the aggressor.

Our communities stand on solid moral ground. Built on vacant land, no settlement stands on the ruins of any Arab village. Naturally, there are civil disputes over land ownership. Some are real, others mere provocations. All should be resolved by courts of law. Last year in Migron and Ulpana, we had serious doubts about the judge's verdict, but still we abided by the court decision. In Judea and Samaria there is ample room for many Jews, many Palestinians and peaceful coexistence.

Our communities stand on solid moral ground because the right of Jews to live in Shiloh, Hebron or Beth El is inalienable. These sites are the cradles of Jewish civilisation, the birthplace of Hebraic culture. Negating the right of Jews to live in these historic parts of the Jewish homeland would be morally wrong.

Our communities stand on solid moral ground, because they are not – and never were – an impediment to peace. Statements such as Baroness Ashton's are misinformed, erroneous and the real obstruction. Ashton and her colleagues are most welcome to visit our communities to see for themselves how distant reality is from their perception.

Even those who still believe that the creation of a Palestinian state is the solution must admit thatthe rejections of Israeli offers by Yasser Arafat in 2000 and by Mahmoud Abbas in 2008 are what prevented an agreement, not the settlements.

After 20 years of failed attempts to reach a two-state solution, isn't it time we admit our failures and move on? The time has come to invest in new, innovative paths to peace that unite people through acts of mutual respect. The first step is to stop the demonisation of our communities and acknowledge that settlements aren't the problem – but rather an integral part of any future solution.

Source: the-guardian

EK voetbal onder 21 in Israel

Het EK voor spelers tot 21 jaar wordt afgewerkt van 5 tot en met 18 juni in Israël. Een impressie van een verscheurd land, dat lijdt onder de constante dreiging van geweld.

Ps. De zonden van de wereld tieren ook welig in Tel Aviv, helaas.