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woensdag 27 november 2013

Chanoeka feest Nijkerk

De Ambassadeur van Israel steekt de eerste kaars aan van de Chanoekia. Een warme speech van de Ambassadeur en ook humor en hilariteit omdat de hoogwerker nogal langzaam was met het brengen van de Israelische Ambassadeur naar de kaars. Er was dus tijd voor een humoristisch onderonsje tussen de Opperrabijn en de Ambassadeur.

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IDF Humanitarian Aid Delegation to the Philippines

Israel, Quick and often first to help to nations affected by disasters!

Video of the IDF's Humanitarian delegation arriving in Bogo City, the Philippines. They will be providing medical aid as well as search-and-rescue services to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

And.....Yes, There is the Islamic hatefull and jealous response:

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's 2013 Hanukkah message

We don't trust the British government very much, when it comes to supporting the Jewish people and the State of Israel, and we know that the British are in very much debt to them, for what they have done to the Jews after the Second World War. But okay, here is the message!

maandag 25 november 2013

Historic Fact-Questions .....

Historic Fact-Questions the international world-powers/community, who support a ‘palestinian’ state (the two-state ‘solution’), cannot answer!

1. Why did the international world community not condemn Jordan and Egypt for occupying ‘palestinian’ land (1949-1967), after they (incl. Syria) unleased their agression-war against the new founded State of Israel in 1948, and Jordan occupied the ‘westbank’ & east-Jerusalem and Egypt occupied Gaza?

2. Why did the Jordanians and the Egyptians (who occupied the‘westbank’ and Gaza from 1949 untill1967) not gave their Arabic/Islamic brothers the ‘palestinians’ (who lived there) not their own State in the ‘westbank’ and Gaza?

3. Again: Why did the Jordanians and the Egyptians not gave the ‘palestinians’ back their stolen and occupied ‘palestinian’ land (the‘westbank’ and Gaza) between 1949 and 1967 = 18years?

4. Why did the international world community (between 1949 and 1967) not pressure Jordan and Egypt to release occupied ‘palestinian’ land from the‘westbank’ and Gaza to the ‘palestinian’ people, so they could form their own ‘state’?

5. Why did Jordan and Egypt not gave the ‘palestinians’, who lived in their midst on the ‘westbank’, east-Jerusalem and in Gaza (1949-1967), their own ‘palestinian’ identity, no‘palestinian’ passports, and no ‘palestinian’ land?

6. Why did Jordan and Egypt not gave Yasser Arafat his ‘palestinian’ state (with east-Jerusalem as Capital city of ‘palestine’), after Egyptian-born Arafat founded the terrorist organisation the PLO in 1964?

7. Why couldn’t Jews/Israelies live and work freely in the by Jordan and Egypt occupied territories, (the‘westbank’ and Gaza between 1949 and 1967), but the ‘palestinian’ arabs could in Israel (the Jewish State)?

8. And etc, etc .

Written by: Henoch.

12 Questions That Prove Palestine Never Existed!

The Geneva Accord An Act of Diplomatic Deception

United States Dumps Israel As Its Ally

zondag 24 november 2013

Israel Netanyahu Not bound to Historic Mistake Iran Nuclear deal

Chamberlain Deal reached on Iranian nuclear programme

"And in that day will I (the Lord, God) make Jerusalem (and Israel) a burdensome stone for ALL people (nations): all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces (destroyed), though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. .... For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem (Israel) to battle." (Zechariah 12:2, Zechariah 14:2a)

Video above: World antisemitic anti-Israel (Psalm 2) powers rejoicing, after reaching Chamberlain-like-deal with the evil satanic islamic rulers of Teheran, Iran.

Source: YahooNews

Iran nuclear deal 'is historic mistake', says Netanyahu

Lees: Israël noemt deal met Iran 'historische fout' en hint op militair ingrijpen

zaterdag 23 november 2013

The Greatest Threat Facing the World Today! Iran

Israelis "cannot be called human beings"

donderdag 21 november 2013

Bennett in New York: I vehemently oppose a Palestinian state

Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett had a question for the 11 protesters from the anti-occupation group “All That’s Left,” who showed up to greet him outside the 92nd Street Y for his talk with author Dan Senor on Sunday evening.

Bennett pulled a small coin out of his pocket and showed it the audience saying it was from the year 66 and had the words “Freedom of Zion” written in Hebrew on it.

“I’m holding a physical coin that was found outside the Green Line, in what’s called the ‘occupied territories,’ where two Jews were probably doing business, speaking the same Hebrew I speak today, living in the same place where I work today, and they’re my direct ancestors,” he said.

“Now you tell me, can I occupy my own home?” At this, the very supportive but half-full auditorium burst into applause.

Bennett dug briefly into the peace process, and said that even though Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government was founded on the basis of reaching a peace settlement, he (Bennett) still opposes the creation of a Palestinian state. “Netanyahu is very focused on moving forward toward founding a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel, and I vehemently oppose it,” he said. “Yet I realize that his government is founded on this basis, and I joined the government.”

Bennett then gave voice to the thought bubble hanging over everyone’s heads: “I don’t think there’s much chance these negotiations will bring about peace,” he said. “I don’t think they’re going to reach a deal and neither does anyone else, neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis.”

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Lees: Bennett in New York: ‘Ik verzet mij uit alle macht tegen de oprichting van een Palestijnse staat’


woensdag 20 november 2013

Ancient Jewish Altar Found in Shilo

Ancient Shilo

An ongoing archaeological dig in the ancient Jewish village of Shilo in Samaria (Shomron) has turned up a stone altar dating back thousands of years. The altar is believed to date back to the period from roughly 1,200 BCE to 600 CE known as the Iron Age.

More specifically, archaeologists dating it to what some Israeli researchers call the “Israelite era” – the period of time after the nation of Israel entered the land of Israel, and before the destruction of the First Temple.

The altar is 60 centimeters by 60 centimeters, with a height of 40 centimeters, and was found on the southern edge of the site of ancient Shilo.

It had been used in the construction of a Byzantine-era structure, however, markings on the stone indicated its use in religious ceremonies prior to its use as building material.

Shilo was home to the Tabernacle brought with the Jews as they entered the land of Israel. It served as a site of religious pilgrimage until King Solomon’s construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem centuries later.

In the summer of 2013 archaeologists revealed that they had found the remains of the Biblical Israelites’ Tabernacle site.

The ancient village of Shilo lies next to modern-day Shilo, a thriving Jewish community established in the 1970s. The community recently opened a new multimedia tourism center aimed at introducing visitors to the area's unique history.

Source: Arutz7

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Grote Chanoeka ontsteking in Nijkerk 27 nov. 2013 a.s.

Op 27 november wordt het eerste lichtje van een elf meter hoge chanoekia-menorah in Nijkerk ontstoken. Ter gelegenheid van Chanoeka en als gebaar van bemoediging naar het Joodse volk.

Bron: Christenen voor Israël

Hezbollah Indoctrinates Youth with Messages of Hate and Murder

Lees: Hezbollah is deel van Iraanse Islamitische revolutie

Hamas in Comics: Terror and Tyranny in Gaza

dinsdag 19 november 2013

Gay Marriage and its Divine Judgement of the Lord

2 Peter 2 : 4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell,[a] putting them in chains of darkness[b] to be held for judgment; 5 if he did not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood on its ungodly people, but protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others; 6 if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes, and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; .... 10 This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the flesh [the lust of uncleanness] and despise authority. .....

WATCH WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HAWAII?! (Holland too!) If there is no repentance, confession of sins, and change.

maandag 18 november 2013

"Forget, Ignore Israel ..."

Important Prophetic Update 11-18-13

Washington, Illinois decimated by Tornado Outbreak stretching thru 12 states on heels of Same Sex Marriage Legislation passed from that very state, Israel stuck between a Rock and Hard Place, 32 Schools in Washington posed to introduce Palm Scanning devices, Worst Snowstorm in 60 Years set to hit Britain, War of Psalm 83 Players getting into place? More ....

'Hot Mic' Catches UN Interpreter's Surprise at Israel-Bashing

The United Nations Biased Antisemetic (Pro-Arab/Islamic/Palestinian) Target On Israel

An English-Spanish interpreter at the UN General Assembly has become an unlikely hero of the pro-Israel movement after a "hot mic" caught her wondering at the world body's obsession with condemning the Jewish state.

In the video below, the interpreter can be heard doing her job before commenting to a colleague, presumably with her mic turned off, about the lop-sided focus on Israel's perceived wrong-doings.

"I mean, I think when you have five statements, not five, like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there's gotta be something, c'est un peu trop, non? [It's a bit much, no?]," she asked. "I mean I know... There's other really bad [stuff] happening, but no one says anything, about the other stuff."

Members of the assembly, including the chair and the secretary, can be seen chuckling over the incident, as the interpreter herself repeatedly apologizes for the mishap with her mic.

In fact, the numbers are even worse than the interpreter imagined. During the current session of the General Assembly, Israel has already been condemned no fewer than 22 times. By comparison, only four similar condemnations have been issued against all the other countries of the world combined.

At Sunday's cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he "hopes nothing happens to the translator as a result, but I can assure her of a job here in the State of Israel, should it come to that."

The Israeli leader noted that the kind of bias this woman encountered is nothing new, but "sometimes, someone can rip away the veil of hypocrisy that exists in the ever-present attacks against us, and this translator had the courage to do just that."

Source: israeltoday

Lees: Verontwaardiging VN-tolk opgevangen

Our Comment:

These are two of the lying sentences that Yasser Arafat and his Islamic terrorist organisation the PLO (in according with the Arab League of Nations) has been able to penetrate and poison the worlds-nations minds with:

1. The occupied Palestinian territory (including East Jerusalem).

2. The other occupied Arab territories.

These are 2 major brainwashing lies, because in short, these territories were conquered legally by Israel, after the Arab nations (surrounding Israel) started and aggression war against the new founded state Israel. While The state of Israel just was established by unanimous decision of the United Nations itself! If the Geneva Convention in war was violated, it was violated by the war the Arab nations forced on Israel and on the Jewish people. And then we even don't speak about the biblical promises of God to the land of Israel and to the Jews!

vrijdag 15 november 2013

Breaking News: Israel states Iran Less Than A Month Building Nuclear Bomb

World Media Silence on Murdered Israeli Soldiers

Notice the silence. No outrage from the international community and barely any media coverage. The mainstream media rarely mentioned these young men by name and never showed pictures of them.

That's why it's our job to do so. Join us in sharing this picture so they will not be forgotten.

We will not forget about you.

May your memories be a blessing.

Rest in peace.

Source: World-Media-Watch - Reporting Media Bias against Israel [facebook]


Did you hear about Israelies murdering 'palestinian' policeman the last years?

Why are it always Arab Islamic 'palestinian' murdering Israeli Jews?

Oldest Living Pianist, Holocaust Survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer - 109 years old

Read: 109-year-old survivor may be headed to the Oscars

One year after deadly terror rocket attack, residents of Kiryat Malachi try to move on

See our: Over 200 rockets from Gaza batter South, 3 Israelis killed

donderdag 14 november 2013

Palestinian youth stabs sleeping soldier to death on Afula bus

An Israeli soldier died after he was stabbed multiple times in the neck Wednesday morning by a Palestinian youth on a bus at the central bus station in Afula.

The soldier, 18-year-old Eden Atias of Nazareth Illit, was evacuated to the city’s Haemek Hospital. Doctors operated on him in an attempt to stabilize his condition but he succumbed to his injuries a few hours later.

His funeral was due to be held Wednesday evening at 23:00pm at the Nazareth Illit military cemetery.

Eyewitnesses said Atias was sleeping in his seat on the bus when he was attacked.

Passengers on the bus, which was en route from Nazareth Illit to Tel Aviv and had stopped at the Afula station, captured the stabber and turned him over to security guards, who in turn delivered him to police.

“The bus stopped and people had stepped out,” an eyewitness who gave her name as Yaffa told Channel 2. “A female soldier was left on the bus, along with the soldier [who was stabbed] and the terrorist. Suddenly the female soldier started screaming for help, she ran outside, she was shaking. The terrorist had stabbed the soldier, he was covered in blood.”

Source: timesofisrael

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Palestinian Family Praises Murderous Son

Funeral young Eden Atias

dinsdag 12 november 2013

Veel Europese Joden overwegen emigratie door toename antisemitisme

Stille Tocht tegen antisemitisme, Den Haag 2005.

Veel Europese Joden voelen zich niet meer veilig in hun eigen land, zo blijkt uit een nieuwe enquête onder de Joodse inwoners van acht lidstaten, uitgevoerd door het Europese Bureau voor de Grondrechten.

Voor het onderzoek werden 5.847 Joden in Zweden, Frankrijk, België, Groot-Brittannië, Duitsland, Italië, Hongarije, Roemenië en Letland ondervraagd.

Gemiddeld gaf 76 procent van de ondervraagde Joden aan, dat antisemitisme in de afgelopen vijf jaar sterk is toegenomen. Van de ondervraagden zei 29 procent, dat ze er wel eens aan dachten om naar Israël te emigreren. Volgens de statistieken betrof dit vooral Joden in Hongarije, Frankrijk en België.

Op de vraag, wat zij precies onder 'antisemitisme' verstaan, antwoordde 34 procent, dat het gaat om niet-Joden die Israël bekritiseren. Bijna 90 procent denkt daarbij aan mensen die Joden niet als hun landgenoten beschouwen.

Van de ondervraagden gaf twintig procent aan, in het openbaar niets te dragen dat hen als Jood herkenbaar maakt. In Zweden was dit zelfs 34 procent, in Frankrijk 29 procent en in Hongarije 20 procent.

Moshe Kantor, voorzitter van het Europees Joods Congres, noemde dit onderzoek van zeer groot belang. Het feit dat 'Joden niet meer in staat zijn om hun geloof te uiten omdat ze bang zijn, zou een keerpunt voor Europa moeten zijn'. Hij riep de Europese regeringen op om goed naar de studie te kijken.

Een andere enquête van een Israëlisch onderzoeksinstituut onder 500 Israëlische jongeren tussen 15 en18 jaar leverde vergelijkbare ernstige resultaten op. Er bleek dat twee derde van de Israëlische jongeren antisemitisme heeft ondervonden via het internet, en een derde van hen werd online bespot. De voorzitter van de Anti-Defamation League, Abraham H. Foxman, noemde het schokkend, dat de Israëlische jeugd nu via het internet slechte ervaringen met antisemitisme ondergaat.

Bron: israeltoday

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Israel Discovers New Therapy For Brain Cancer

Regina Golan-Gerstl, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, has successfully identified a genetic protein which is involved in the development of the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer found in adults called glioblastoma.

For the 22,000 American citizens who are diagnosed each year with brain cancer, these never before known molecular aspects can provide new diagnosis and treatment options for patients.

Golan-Gerstl and her team of biochemists supported by the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) discovered a splicing factor hnRNP A2/B1, a protein gene found in humans, which was detected to have higher than normal levels found in glioblastoma samples.

A study was conducted on laboratory mice to see what would happen when injected with gliobastoma cells. Shortly after being injected, mice quickly developed large tumors, but when researchers used a biologic technique ("knockdown") to reduce hnRNP A2/B1 before injection, the mice developed only small tumors or no tumors at all.

“These results suggest that hnRNP A2/B1 is a driving oncogene — a gene that causes normal cells to become cancerous — on its own and probably directly contributes to glioblastoma development,” said Rotem Karni, Ph.D., whose laboratory was used in the discovery.

Dr. Karni said that “overexpression and amplification of hnRNP A2/B1 correlate with poor prognosis of glioma patients, whereas deletion of the hnRNP A2/B1 gene correlates with better prognosis than average. Down-regulating hnRNP A2/B1 levels in glioblastoma cells should be considered as a new strategy for glioblastoma therapy,” he said.

These biochemist researchers are continuously trying to identify the genes which are regulated by hnRNP A2/B1. Dr. Karni notes that in a previous study of brain and breast cancer cells with knockdown of hnRNP A2 "we identified key genes of very important pathways involved in cancer development and maintenance," as well as genes that indicate proliferation of cancer or tumor suppression.

Up until now, treatment options have been limited for brain cancer patients, but with the research supplied by the ICRF, the new discovery may give hope to others battling for survival.

Source: israelnationalnews

Israeli researchers' discovery may help treatment of MS, cerebral palsy

Magen David Adom - Saving Lives in Israel

All of Israel including Judea and Samaria

See our: Israel Can't Ignore the Risks

Nieuw toneelstuk over Anne Frank door Leon de Winter en Jessica Durlacher

Het toneelstuk ANNE over Anne Frank werd geschreven door het echtpaar Leon de Winter en Jessica Durlacher. Samen schrijven was niet altijd gemakkelijk.

ANNE is de het eerste stuk dat De Winter samen met zijn echtgenote Jessica Durlacher schreef. De Winter noemt de samenwerking met Durlacher een 'intens schrijfproces'. Volgens De Winter was niet altijd eenvoudig was om in 'dezelfde richting' te denken. Zij moesten rekening houden met elkaars 'gevoeligheden' en af en toe 'leren toe te geven'.

Het toneelstuk moet Anne Frank zo authentiek mogelijk neerzetten. 'Al op jonge leeftijd was Anne een schrijfster met een scherp oog voor stijl', zegt De Winter, die deze eigenschap graag wil benadrukken in het stuk. Na het schrijven van haar dagboek heeft Anne veel van haar dagboek aantekeningen herschreven. Haar vermogen om te reflecteren op haar eigen werk hebben De Winter en Durlacher in het stuk gebruikt.

De Winter vond het een zware verantwoordelijkheid en een grote uitdaging: 'Het is moeilijk om het Amerikaanse toneelstuk The Diary of Anne Frank uit 1955 te evenaren, dat toen al van zeer goede kwaliteit was.'

De première van ANNE in april zal plaatshebben in Theater Amsterdam in de Houthavens aan het IJ, dat gelijktijdig zal openen. Het initiatief voor de voorstelling komt van het Anne Frank Fonds in Bazel, opgericht door Otto Frank. Robin de Levita, producent van musical-succes Soldaat van Oranje en CEO van Imagine Nation Kees Abraham zorgen voor de financiering en de bouw van het theater.

Opmerkelijk aan de uitvoering is dat de dromen, ideeën en emoties van Anne tot leven worden gebracht op het toneel. Hierdoor verplaatst het verhaal zich buiten de altijd dominante omgeving, het donkere achterhuis.

Bron: Elsevier


Exodus with Shlomo Ben-Amnon

In 1988 maakten Pee Koelewijn en Feike ter Velde van de Evangelische Omroep een documentaire over Shlomo Ben-Amnon, een Shoahoverlevende die betrokken was bij wat in de jaren tussen het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog en de oprichting van de staat Israël de 'illegale Joodse immigratie naar Palestina' werd genoemd.

In een oude Amerikaanse rivierstomer probeerde hij met 4500 Joden, onder wie 1500 oorlogswezen naar het beloofde land te varen, maar de Britse Marine hield hen tegen. Ze werden teruggebracht naar Frankrijk en vandaar verder naar Duitsland, waar ze opnieuw in kampen werden opgesloten.

In deze bijzondere documentaire vertelt Shlomo zelf het complete verhaal. De film werd ons door de EO beschikbaar gesteld en graag bevelen wij u dit tragische, maar toch prachtige verhaal aan.

maandag 11 november 2013

Netanyahu addresses GA in Jerusalem

Forget it Bibi, they never will. The Islam has the legal obligation, from Allah in the Koran to reconquer land what once was theirs. So they will never recognise a Jewish state or an Israel in the Middle East. Because it once was Islamic in the past, it must be therefore Islamic again. It is almost impossible to fight this brainwashed Quranic thinking.

Alan Baker's letter to John Kerry

Alan Baker, Attorney, Ambassador (ret')

November 8, 2013

Dear Secretary Kerry,

After listening to you declare repeatedly over the past weeks that "Israel's settlements are illegitimate", I respectfully wish to state, unequivocally, that you are mistaken and ill advised, both in law and in fact.

Pursuant to the "Oslo Accords", and specifically the Israel-Palestinian Interim Agreement (1995), the "issue of settlements" is one of subjects to be negotiated in the permanent status negotiations. President Bill Clinton on behalf of the US, is signatory as witness to that agreement, together with the leaders of the EU, Russia, Egypt, Jordan and Norway.

Your statements serve to not only to prejudge this negotiating issue, but also to undermine the integrity of that agreement, as well as the very negotiations that you so enthusiastically advocate.

Your determination that Israel's settlements are illegitimate cannot be legally substantiated. The oft-quoted prohibition on transferring population into occupied territory (Art. 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention) was, according to the International Committee Red Cross's own official commentary of that convention, drafted in 1949 to prevent the forced, mass transfer of populations carried out by the Nazis in the Second World War. It was never intended to apply to Israel's settlement activity. Attempts by the international community to attribute this article to Israel emanate from clear partisan motives, with which you, and the US are now identifying.

The formal applicability of that convention to the disputed territories cannot be claimed since they were not occupied from a prior, legitimate sovereign power.

The territories cannot be defined as "Palestinian territories" or, as you yourself frequently state, as "Palestine". No such entity exists, and the whole purpose of the permanent status negotiation is to determine, by agreement, the status of the territory, to which Israel has a legitimate claim, backed by international legal and historic rights. How can you presume to undermine this negotiation?

There is no requirement in any of the signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinians that Israel cease, or freeze settlement activity. The opposite is in fact the case. The above-noted 1995 interim agreement enables each party to plan, zone and build in the areas under its respective control.

Israel's settlement policy neither prejudices the outcome of the negotiations nor does it involve displacement of local Palestinian residents from their private property. Israel is indeed duly committed to negotiate the issue of settlements, and thus there is no room for any predetermination by you intended to prejudge the outcome of that negotiation.

By your repeating this ill-advised determination that Israel's settlements are illegitimate, and by your threatening Israel with a "third Palestinian intifada" and international isolation and delegitimization, you are in fact buying into, and even fueling the Palestinian propaganda narrative, and exerting unfair pressure on Israel. This is equally the case with your insistence on a false and unrealistic time limit to the negotiation.

As such you are taking sides, thereby prejudicing your own personal credibility, as well as that of the US.

With a view to restoring your own and the US's credibility, and to come with clean hands to the negotiation, you are respectfully requested to publicly and formally retract your determination as to the illegitimate nature of Israel's settlements and to cease your pressure on Israel.


Alan Baker, Attorney, Ambassador (ret'),

Former legal counsel of Israel's Ministry for Foreign Affairs,

Former ambassador of Israel to Canada,

Director, Institute for Contemporary Affairs, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs,

Director, International Action Division, The Legal Forum for Israel

Lees: Israëlische deskundige Alan Baker: Opmerkingen Kerry onwettig

Will Obama Betray Israel?

zondag 10 november 2013

IsraAid To Philippines

God bless Israel for being a blessing to the nations! Israel being a blessing to the nations is prophesied in God's Word and we are daily seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy!!

“blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.” (Genesis 22:17-18)

Message To The World: The Western Jordan Valley Belongs To Israel

And to all who believe the lie of a Palestinian state!

John Kerry Instigator of the 3td Intifada ?!

O-Bummer, what horrible divine curse the U.S. will get, by not supporting Israel. Bereshit (Genesis) 12:3, Joel 3:1-3

IDF Chief Of Staff Benny Gantz in Berlin

How would Hitler and his anti-Semitic Nazi Jew-murderers feel, about a Jewish Israeli Star-General in the midst of German Berlin?!

zaterdag 9 november 2013

Germans commemorate 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht

BERLIN (AP) — Germans across the country on Saturday commemorated the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht — the night of broken glass — during which the Nazis staged a wave of attacks on Jews in Germany and Austria.

On Nov. 9, 1938, hundreds of synagogues were burned, numerous homes and Jewish-owned stores were ransacked, some 1,000 people were killed and more than 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps.

The attacks marked the beginning of the state-organized, violent persecution of Jews which ended in the murder of six million European Jews by the end of the Third Reich in 1945.

Germans in many cities and towns held candle-light vigils, listened to Jewish survivors share memories and met at Jewish cemeteries to remember the victims of Kristallnacht during Saturday’s commemorations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the night of broken glass “was an event that humiliated Jews in an unbelievable way … a real low point in German history had been reached.” She added, “Unfortunately, later on German history developed in an even more dramatic way which eventually ended in the Shoah” — or Holocaust. The chancellor also called on Germans to never forget the past.

Across Berlin, guided groups of residents walked through their neighborhoods, noting sites where Jewish stores, schools and other locations once stood before being destroyed by the Nazis and their supporters.

Several Berliners came together to polish some of the city’s 5,000 Stolpersteine, or stumbling blocks, which identify by name individual victims of Nazis in front of their former homes. The cobblestone-sized brass plaques are inserted on sidewalks and called stumbling blocks because one unexpectedly trips over them —figuratively speaking — while strolling through the city.

“We have organized 16 groups who are out today cleaning the stumbling blocks and we are hoping to turn this into an annual event in the future,” said the coordinator of the tours, Silvija Kavcic.

Despite the many positive activities, some speakers sounded a note of caution, reminding their listeners that anti-Semitism is still a problem in Europe.

A poll of European Jews released Friday found that more than three-quarters of those questioned believe anti-Semitism is surging in their home countries and close to one-third have considered emigrating because they don’t feel safe.

Source: timesofisrael

A memorial at the Jewish cemetery in Rostock in eastern Germany reads: 'Remember - Never Forget',

Kerry Says US Sees Judea and Samaria [Westbank] Settlements as ‘Illegitimate’

'Behold, I (the Lord God) have set the Land (Israel) before you: go in and possess the land which the LORD swore unto your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give unto them and to their seed (the Jewish people) after them.’ (Deuteronomy 1:8)

Following a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, US Secretary of State John Kerry told the media that the United States views Israeli settlements as ‘illegitimate’ on Wednesday, according to the Jerusalem Post. Kerry called on Israel to limit construction so that the peace negotiations can continue.

“Let me emphasize at this point the position of the United States of America on the settlements is that we consider them… to be illegitimate,” Kerry said after discussions with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The PA has said they are contemplating pulling out of the negotiations after Israel announced it had approved roughly 3,5000 new homes in east Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in conjunction with the release of 26 Palestinian murderers.

Kerry made the comments in responding to Palestinian frustration over Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and stressed that “at no time” did the Palestinians agree to accept the settlements as a part of a negotiated peace accord.

Kerry, faced with grim Israeli and Palestinian assessments of progress in peace talks, said on Wednesday that Washington was not giving up on a deal. “As in any negotiation there will be moments of up and moments of down, and it goes back and forth,” Kerry said in Bethlehem, in the West Bank, where he met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“But I can tell you that President Obama and I are determined, and neither of us will stop in our efforts to pursue the possibility (of peace),” he said.

Abbas, in a speech broadcast on Monday, said that after all the rounds of negotiations “there is nothing on the ground”.

Source: breakingisraelnews

Kerry slams Israel’s West Bank policies, warns of 3rd Intifada; Jerusalem responds: We won’t give in to his ‘intimidation tactics’.
Source: timesofisrael

We Believe John Kerry never has read his Bible.

"And I will (the Lord) give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee (the Jews), the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan (Israel), for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God." (Genesis 17:8)

vrijdag 8 november 2013

Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu rejects Iran deal preemptive strike near?

Kosher smartphones answer to a higher authority

Leaders of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community have given their blessings to several kosher smartphone models. That reverses their earlier stance that such technology was a "new form of evil" -- which led one prominent rabbi to smash a handset in public, according to the Jewish Daily Forward.

The religiously conservative Jews, also called Haredi, objected to smartphones because they allow users free access to the Internet and the wider secular culture, including pornography. To address these fears, companies serving the community, such as Ramit Levy Communications, are "dumbing down" the devices by restricting a user's ability to surf the Net.

Ramit Levy does give users access to some 600 apps that its religious advisers have approved in areas such as banking and satellite navigation, according to the paper.

Ironically, the phone Ramit Levy is modifying is the LG Nexus 4, dubbed the Google (GOOG -1.45%) Phone because the search engine giant developed it to show off the very technology that caused the Haredi no end of worries.

However, users have to be chosen to buy the phones, and getting chosen isn't easy. Students at religious schools, for one, are rejected because they should be focusing on their studies.

"To apply for one, you have to complete a form outlining your reasons for needing a smart phone, and secure the approval of your rabbi, whose name and phone number must be written down so that the company’s supervising rabbis can decide whether they think that you can be trusted to use it responsibly," the Forward says. "They accept work-related reasons, but not requests for recreational -- or what they deem frivolous -- use."

Ramit Levy's rival in the market is Nativ, which sells a phone that is even more "kosher" because it's stripped of its ability to send and receive calls in order to limit their use to work hours. Even isolated communities have to make peace with the modern world.

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In 2011 al: Israëlisch bedrijf introduceert kosjer smartphone

donderdag 7 november 2013

Ad campaign tests pro-Israel group’s launch in Canada

VANCOUVER — An advertising campaign countering anti-Israel ads on Canadian buses is testing an American advocacy group as it extends its reach into Canada. Source: timesofisrael

Iran is Already a Nuclear Power

Recent remarks by Israeli and foreign experts all appear to confirm that Iran has already passed the "point of no return" in its quest for atomic weapons, despite years of solemn vows that the Islamic Republic would never be permitted to reach this stage in its nuclear program.

"We are going in the wrong direction and there is now certain capability," former International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Deputy Director Olli Heinonen said last week.

Heinonen noted that Iran now possesses all the material and know-how to construct the nuclear component of a warhead in less than a month, if it so chooses. In other words, Iran is already a nuclear power that just hasn't yet decided to actually build a bomb.

That assessment was backed up by Israel's former military intelligence chief, Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Amos Yadlin, who told reporters at the Jerusalem Press Club that Iran could construct a complete nuclear warhead in three months if it began now.

Yadlin still believes America will attack Iran if all diplomatic efforts fail, and he urged Washington to not worry about full-scale war, since all that is really needed is a brief, but determined aerial campaign.

But by now, Iran, and most Israelis, understand that the West is not going to take military action to stop the Islamic Republic from going nuclear. They failed to keep the materials out of Iran's hands, they failed to prevent Iran from passing the "point of no return," and, like with North Korea, the West seems content to sit on its hands, figuratively speaking, until Tehran conducts a nuclear test.

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Iranian TV airs animated strike on Tel Aviv, Dimona

Pro-regime website posts computer-generated footage of imagined Iranian missile attack on Israeli airports, malls, IDF bases.

Iraanse staatstelevisie zendt gesimuleerde aanval op Israël uit


Netanyahu warns of historic mistake at Geneva

Read: World powers seek "first step" nuclear deal with Iran in Geneva talks

US: Limited sanction relief if Iran halts activity

Lees: Israël beschuldigt VS van misleiding over deal met Iran (Obama en Kerry doen Iran veel meer concessies dan tegenover de pers wordt toegegeven)

When will Messiah come?

vrijdag 1 november 2013

Rabbis Call for Prayers Against Dividing Land of Israel

Earlier this month a group of prominent Israeli rabbis issued a call for earnest prayers against the division of the Land of Israel, as currently being negotiated by Israeli, American and Palestinian officials.

"For the past several months there have been ongoing diplomatic negotiations centering on the demand to give up additional parts of the land of Israel," read the call, which was issued via fliers and street posters displayed around Israel.

The rabbis noted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is under pressure to agree to further withdrawals, God forbid." They called on all faithful Jews to recite additional prayers pertaining to the continued unity of the Land of Israel under Jewish sovereignty.

Israel's left-leaning mainstream media originally reported on the rabbis' call as an "anti-peace" movement. But, as religious news outlet Israel National News noted, the rabbis "do not see their call to safeguard the land of Israel as 'anti-peace,' but rather the opposite: they believe that conceding land without true peace will lead to bloodshed."

Source: israeltoday

Lees: Rabbijnen vragen om gebed tegen verdeling land

This Will happen with America (and other nations) when they will push Israel too much to divide the land into a two state (horror disaster) solution: