donderdag 13 maart 2014


It is not hard to imagine the ramifications of political instability for the people of Ukraine with foreign troops marching on their soil. The recent invasion of Russian soldiers in Crimea has caused Ukrainians to pray and intercede for deliverance. The Jewish people of Ukraine suffered greatly at the hands of invading forces during the Holocaust, with about a million murdered. Millions more lost their lives in World War II. This current threat is a real reminder of past days of tyranny.

The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute has a school in Odessa, Ukraine, with related congregations. We are asking for your prayers. Please pray specifically for protection and breakthroughs for Valentin Sviontek and his leaders as they oversee their flock.

Ukraine has a special destiny in the last days before Messiah's return. Pray that God will show Himself strong and deliver this country from tyrannical rule. Jews and Christians alike have grave concerns, and the current threat of persecution or government take-over is felt. The devil means this for evil, but God means it for good.

Just as the Lord saved the Jewish nation during the time of Queen Esther during the first Purim, God wants to fight for and save the Jews of the former Soviet Union. He wants to raise up a righteous standard among all believers there. Pray for breakthroughs as we enter into the observance of Purim this year. Let us believe that God will rescue the people of Ukraine.

Thank you so much for standing in the gap with us in prayer.