zondag 16 november 2014

King Abdullah making things up at the UN

He does not speak for me as a Christian-Zionist.
This short fragment of King Abdullah's speech is not right at all. How can they clap the UN for this nonsens?

1. Jordan is not a custodian of 'christian' holy sites in Jerusalem.
2. Christians (and Jews) are not allowed by the Hashemite Muslims to pray or read the Bible on the al-aqsa compound (the Temple Mount).
3. King Abdullah forgets to mention the Jewish historical holy right and ownership of the Temple Mount complex.
4. The al-aqsa mosque is not a sanctity at all, because young muslims desecrate their own so called 'holy' mosque, and tear the inside apart, each t they clash with Israeli police.

How can the King (who you expect to be intelligent) be so wrong?!