donderdag 19 mei 2011

"Occupation" The Big Lie!

By Jerry Golden

It is said that if a lie is repeated enough times, it will become the established truth. To get right to the point, the only illegal occupation since the UN resolution of partition in 1947 was when Jordan occupied Samaria and Judea and started calling it the West Bank, and Gaza occupied by Egypt. It was Egypt and Jordan along with Syria who made war against the infant State of Israel in hopes of destroying it. At the end of that war Egypt illegally claimed Gaza and Jordan claimed Samaria and Judea. Jordan even named it TransJordan (West Bank) to this day most Palestinians have Jordan passports.

What is interesting to note, is when Jordan and Egypt occupied what is now called Palestinian land, (1948-1967) none of the Arabs had any objections to the occupation of Egypt and Jordan, and there was not one word of a "Palestinian Land called Palestine". Simply because the idea of a Palestinian State had never occurred to the Arabs who lived here. Simply because they were for the most part Arabs from all the neighboring States that have migrated here, from 1917 through 1948, and a home land wouldn't make any since. You see before 1947 there were Jews and Arabs living in Palestine, and they were both Palestinians. But if you read the writings of any historian, even the writings of Mark Twain you will find this land was for the most part deserted before the British took it from the Turks in 1917. These people who are being called Palestinians are not Philistines, they are just Arabs who came here for job opportunities.

One of the arguments of the Arabs now who live in Israel, (so-called Palestinians) is the PLO that was established in 1964 therefore that somehow makes their fight legitimate because it was established before the 6 day war of 1967, and the beginning of the so-called occupation. But it should also be understood that it was formed to fight the State of Israel and not to fight the occupied territories. Because at the time of their inception there were no settlements and Jordan and Egypt had control of what is now called the West Bank (Judea & Samaria). These fact alone makes it perfectly clear that the organization of Yasser Arafat "Fatah" has but one desire and that is to destroy the State of Israel and not to build a Palestinian State. For in 1967 Jordan, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel at that time still bound by the 1949 Armistice Lines.

These three Arab States claimed to the entire Arab World that the Jewish State was about to be destroyed. That every Jew would be marched into the sea, that it would be first Saturday and then Sunday, meaning that after they had killed all the Jews, they would finished the problem of the Christians in the land as well.

They failed, and Israel took the land that was part of the Mandate conferred on Britain in 1922, in which to "reconstitute the Jewish National Home". From that time to this day nothing has happened to cancel the right of us Jews to settle our rightful God given Home Land. So if we are occupying anything, it is not Arab land, but God's Land and it is He who has given it to Jews for an inheritance, and not to the seed of Ishmeal, but to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What we have witnessed is the fulfilling of Prophecy, and this of course is something the Devil is very unhappy with, for it means his demise is near at hand.

Now let's look at another often repeated lie of Arafat and his ['palestinian] clones. In fact, [in the past] Arafat has President Bush and Secretary of State Colon Powell repeating it almost daily. "That resolution 424 and 338 call for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders". It sometimes troubles me that neither have read either resolution, because that is not what they say. Resolution 242 calls for Israel to withdraw to secure and recognized boundaries. Had the Arabs accepted this resolution at its passing there would have been negotiations as to where these boundaries were. But they rejected the resolution and tried to pass another one and failed, but still say that it passed.

It would seem to me that 'U.S. Administration' could just take the time to read these resolutions and then simply state the truth and stand on the facts instead of the propaganda of the Islamic Arab World [that Israël occupies 'pallestinian' land]. Israel needs help in this fight being fought in the Media and the United Nations.

In Dutch/Nederlands: "Bezetting" De grote leugen!

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