zondag 15 februari 2015

Bennett Responds to Copenhagen Attack

Slain Jewish guard in Denmark described as 'irreplaceable'

Copenhagen gunman may be inspired by Paris attacks

Slachtoffer terreuraanslag synagoge Kopenhagen Dan Uzan (37)

Copenhagen's main synagogue

Netanyahu to European Jews: Terror attacks in Europe will continue, Israel is your home

Isaiah 11:11-13 (CJB)

11 On that day Adonai will raise his hand again, a second time, to reclaim the remnant of his people who remain from Ashur, Egypt, Patros, Ethiopia, ‘Eilam, Shin‘ar, Hamat and the islands in the sea.
12 He will hoist a banner for the Goyim, assemble the dispersed of Isra’el, and gather the scattered of Y’hudah from the four corners of the earth.
13 Efrayim’s jealousy will cease — those who harass Y’hudah will be cut off, Efrayim will stop envying Y’hudah, and Y’hudah will stop provoking Efrayim.