woensdag 24 december 2014

IDF soldier, " Palestinian " kids & a video that the media dont want you see

A few days ago an Israeli soldier posted this video on his Facebook page and wrote:

"Hello friends,

I don't tend to post things like this too often, however in light of recent reports concerning the misconduct of Israeli soldiers in the territories, I am compelled to share a few confrontations and dilemmas that we, currently serving paratroopers in Hebron, experience every day.

We, five Israeli soldiers were sitting down to lunch in a gun pillbox (concrete shelter) when one of the soldiers in the lookout noticed people approaching. He alerted us to check it out.
We immediately manned our equipment to see what's going on. When I recognize that there are two little boys, I alert the Forces and ask the boys what they want. One of the boys answers, " Soldier bring me food!" When I ask him why he replies, "there is no food in my house and I've been searching through all the garbage bins." I told them to wait and that I'd be back shortly.

I went inside and told the other soldiers the story. It was clear to us that we could not allow children to look through garbage cans during our watch and with our food surplus. We went back to the hungry children and, with good hearts, sent them off with good portions of Kebabs, fruit, vegetables and sweets.

I hope this story experienced first hand by a soldier without a "middle man" conveys the complex reality that Israeli soldiers face every day and the humanity of the Israeli soldiers".

you'll not see this video on the main news sites around the world so it's up to you to SHARE the truth.

IDF-soldaten geven hun eten aan Palestijnse kinderen