zondag 1 november 2015

Christian Activist Exposes Horrific Discrimination on Temple Mount

It is not only Jewish worshipers who are violently discriminated against on the Temple Mount. Christian worshipers meet the same discriminatory fate at the hands of the Muslim officials who have been granted control of the Temple Mount. This is not new, but this video presents a graphic example of the Islamic apartheid being practiced on the Temple Mount.

Jane Kiel is a Christian Danish Zionist living in Israel, who posted a video of herself two months ago saying the "Shema Yisrael" statement of faith on the Temple Mount. In this video we witness two Muslims who claim to be Jordanian police approach Jane and accuse her of having prayed in the al aqsa mosque and tell her she has to leave the Temple Mount.

This video addresses a number of important points:

1 The Muslims consider the Temple Mount in its entirety to be one big mosque, despite the fact that the al aqsa mosque is situated in the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount and occupies only a fraction of the 37 acres which comprise the Temple Mount.

2 If the two Muslims are indeed Jordanian police than this is evidence of a change in the Temple Mount status quo as a result of last week's agreement between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, US Secretary of State Kerry, and Jordan's king Abdullah. The proposal to allow plains clothes Jordanian police onto the Temple Mount was reported to have been discussed between the three parties. Israel later denied that this was agreed to.

3 The fact that the Jordanian police waited two months for Jane Kiel to return to the Temple Mount in order to confront her over a prayer she made on the Temple Mount two months prior, is proof that the Jordanian police have not been sent to the Temple Mount to deal with the Muslim rioters and harassers of Jewish worshipers, but to purge the Temple Mount of all non-Muslims who dare to express their faith on the Temple Mount.

This video is evidence of a very serious deterioration in the ongoing degradation of Israeli sovereignty and human rights on the Temple Mount.