donderdag 22 november 2012

Israelis Unleash Anger Over Ceasefire on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Facebook Page

Thousands of Israelis took to Facebook today, shortly after Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israel had accepted an American backed Egyptian ceasefire plan with Hamas, to express their anger over what they feel is a bad deal for the Jewish State.

Within an hour of the Prime Minister’s announcement on his Facebook page the post attracted over 3000 comments, the vast majority of which expressed disappointment and anger. Of 100 comments reviewed by The Algemeiner, less than 10 were positive or neutral.

Commenters blasted the Prime Minister for what they called a failure to ensure the safety of Israel’s citizens and many promised not to vote for the Prime Minister in the upcoming Israeli elections on January 22nd.

The social media outcry reflects the general sentiment in Israel, where 70% opposed a ceasefire agreement according to a poll released by Israel’s Channel 2 news that was conducted before the ceasefire was enacted.

“Hey bibi you just proved that you have no back bone. I officially dont respect you anymore,” said one commenter.

“Shame to Israel…You risk the lives of Jews,” wrote Nati Geffen.

“It is not clear to me why Hamas dictates when there is a war and when you finish a war,” another stated.

“You’re not my Prime Minister,” wrote Ohad Kvity. “You are a puppet of the Americans! Lost my vote,” posted Asaf Spektor.

Among the few supporting comments was this one from Meir Gilady who hailed the operation as a success, saying, “Bibi did the right thing. Do not listen to critics. deterrence restored.”

Source: the Algemeiner

We wrote on Bibi's Facebook [2 Tweets]: We think #ceasefire is big mistake of #Israel. Rooting out Islamic evil rule in #Gaza by invading #IDF ground troops is best option! New load of Iranian long-range rockets coming into #Gaza as we speak, and #Israel is believing wrongly in a #ceasefire - #Hamas rearming!