woensdag 21 november 2012

Stand With Israel

Israel is a noble nation that has constantly been under attack by the muslims ever since her inception. Despite these continual threats, Israel has emerged as one of the most prosperous, innovative, and powerful countries in the world - despite being only about the size of New Jersey. Tremendous lies have been propagated with regard to Israel's history and policies, but the truth casts Israel as one of the most humane, peace-seeking, and just countries that has ever existed on earth. With a biblical mandate by God that is further being scientifically proven every day, Israel has the right to reclaim all the land that rightly belongs to the Jews - despite protests by muslims who have historically taken over lands by torture, violence, and oppression. For the world owes the Jews a safe and prosperous country that they can call their own. Israel is indeed a blessing to the world and God's shining light upon a hill. Help defend and Stand with Israel!