maandag 15 oktober 2012

Gaza rocket attacks: Israel hits back

On the morning of Simchat Torah (the last day of Sukkot), a week ago Monday, over 50 Hamas rockets launched from Gaza hit communities in Israel's south. Only by God's mercy there were no injuries.

Throughout this past weekend, rocket barrages continued even as the IDF hit terrorist targets in Gaza.

Israelis across our nation are preparing for war. We pray that will not happen.

But the same Scriptures that promise that all Israel will be saved, also foretell that Israel will not have peace until our people open their hearts to the Only One who can save them..

And so we have water and long-term staples in our bomb shelter. We have flashlights and candles, and a gas burner to heat water.

However, in Israel there are many who can’t stock up on staples in case there is a war because 20% of the population is now under the poverty line. And in the cities of the south where rockets continually hit, the poverty is chronic and debilitating.

Businesses are few - and therefore unemployment high - because of the constant rocket attacks from Hamas.

These people have no other place to go. Many are immigrants who had no idea they were leaving Russia or Eastern Europe only to find themselves in Israel under constant fire.

Many, especially the children, suffer post-traumatic stress disorder.

Please Pray!