woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Storm Sandy Colliding With Storm From the West?

***ALERT*** So Sandy is now onshore and moving inland. Everything is fine.... WRONG!!!! What the news stations and media outlets are NOT ALERTING YOU about is a major crash course headed for the New Madrid Area! While all the media outlets AND the Weather Channel are so preoccupied with Sandy, they don't tell you of the high velocity moving storm from the west (the red arrow).

Where these two will meet, will cause mass chaos from Iowa through Chicago.! This is a storm like no other in our own generation and it will only get far worse for the next few days to weeks!

We can only hope and pray that you have "cleaned out your closet" and become right with God because the only way to survive what is to come is to trust Jesus! It is inevitable and unavoidable! You have been warned!

Source: facebook-post